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For the attention of:
Secretary (all general enquiries) & Competition Secretary - Gary Dyer
Regional Director - Kevin Strowger
Chairman - David Joy
UKPSA President & Chairman of NROI - Bob Chittleborough
Vice President - Ken Trail
Vice President - Alan Phillips
Treasurer - Rupert Stanley
Membership Secretary - Pat Savage
Head of Training - Richard Clifton
Public Relations Officer & BSSC Rep - Adam Rowsell
Shotgun Secretary - Chris Wakefield
Action Air Secretary - Andy Williams
LBF Secretary & MR Secretary - Russell Hicks
Shotgun Review Officer - Neil Beverley
Sponsorship Secretary - Sharon Sell
Stats Officer - Walter Robinson
Media Officer - David Ashcroft
South and South East Regional Organiser, Colin Alden
Midlands Regional Organiser, Darren Hopley
Wales and South West Regional Organiser, Dave Peacock
Northern Regional Organiser, Pete Savage
Scotland Regional Organiser, Andy Duffy
Handgun Commission Chairman, David Joy
LBF Secretary and MR Secretary, Russell Hicks
LBF and Action Air Review Secretary, Steve Sheasby
Rifle Secretary, Dave Chatterton
National Squad Director, Shotgun, Ken Trail
National Squad Director, Action Air, Tim Wyborn
National Squad Director, Handgun, David Joy
Constitution Committee Chairman, Bob Chittleborough