Membership Payment

The preferred method is Direct Debit

UKPSA Direct Debit Instructions

The UKPSA has introduced Direct Debit for membership renewals to save time for both our members and our membership secretary.  For our members, you just need to fill out the form once and we are offering a small discount on renewal fees to give members an incentive to sign up.  The scheme is operated by a company called GoCardless.  You create your own account and enter your details directly on the website – the UKPSA will not hold any of your bank details.

The process

Follow the relevant link from the table below.  If you have not used GoCardless before, you need to create a password – in future, you can control your own account using your e-mail address and password.  Then simply complete your details and press the Continue button at the bottom of the page.  You will be asked to confirm your bank details which will then be validated and that’s it!

You will receive various e-mails confirming the subscription you have set up and the date that payment will be made.  For members joining mid year, the Treasurer will move your renewal date to 1st April, which will generate a couple of messages from GoCardless informing you of this.

Future renewals

You need take no further action ☺.  If you need to change your bank details or want to cancel your subscriptions, this is entirely in your control through your account with GoCardless.

Errors and queries

If you have accidentally signed up for the wrong subscription, you can log in to your account to cancel the authorisation and then click the link from below to set up the correct subscription.

Our Treasurer may be able to help with other queries ( and the staff at GoCardless ( are surprisingly responsive.

You are also protected by the terms of the Direct Debit Guarantee

Membership fees (2020) and Direct Debit links

As of April 2019, we have now migrated our membership system to GoMembership. Clubs can still sign up for direct debit using the links below, but individual members should all sign up using the GoMembership system – choose the Pay via Bank option at the Checkout.

Clubs (inc insurance)£102Club Direct Debit
Clubs (joining between October and March)£51Club Second half DD
Clubs (Action Air only)£51Action Air only clubs DD
Clubs (Action Air only joining between October and March)£25AA only Club Second half DD
Juniors (under 21)£22.50
Out of Region£35
Out of Region but member of local region£45


Alternatively you can post a cheque

Your cheque should be made out to ‘UKPSA’ and posted to: UKPSA, PO BOX 227, South Shields, NE33 9FJ

Individual£51by cheque
Clubs (inc insurance)£107 by cheque
Clubs (joining between October and March)£55 by cheque
Clubs (Action Air only)£56 by cheque
Clubs (Action Air only joining between October and March)£30 by cheque
Juniors (under 21)£25.50 by cheque
Family£107 by cheque
Out of Region£41 by cheque
Out of Region but member of local region£51 by cheque

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer and have not yet filled out a Gift Aid Form you can help the Association by doing this, it costs you nothing but we can reclaim the tax on your subscriptions – Gift Aid

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