Membership of the UKPSA

Becoming a UKPSA Member brings many benefits:

As a UKPSA member you will have access to high quality safety training which is provided by a network of certified and experienced trainers at locations all over the country.

Competitors who wish to compete internationally at IPSC matches require sign-off from their region of residence, if you live in Britain this means joining the UKPSA, so your membership could be the start of a travel adventure as well as a new sport and a great way to meet new shooting friends!

Another benefit is that members are able to exchange tips and news via the UKPSA Forum as well as accessing information about upcoming matches, results and courses. All new members are supplied with a User Name and Password to access this information and help them get involved.

UKPSA membership includes insurance to cover your shooting activities.

The UKPSA is committed to developing the sport of Practical Shooting in Britain and in developing teams in all IPSC Disciplines, Divisions and Categories to compete internationally at events including IPSC European Championships and IPSC World Shoots.

Membership RatesIf paid by Direct debitAny other payment method
Individual£45 £50
Clubs (inc insurance)£100 £105
Clubs (Action Air only)£50 £55
Juniors (under 21)£22.50 £25
Family£90 £95
Out of Region£30 £35
Out of Region but member of local region£45 £50

As of 20th March 2019, we are transitioning our membership management to GoMembership, to ensure we do not lose any applications in the process, we are temporarily ceasing the acceptance of new membership applications or direct debit mandates.

We expect the process will take no more than two weeks and request that you check back again in early April.

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