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Shotgun National Squad Director

UKPSA council are pleased to appoint Gareth Cooper as the New Shotgun National Squad Director. He will take up the role immediately, working towards the next Shotgun...

Full AIMS Membership

The UKPSA is now a full member of AIMS which is part of the pathway to seeing IPSC at the Olympics! “The Alliance of Independent recognised Members of Sport (AIMS)...

Competition License

A note from the Membership Secretary: To compete in a level 2 or above match, members require a valid competition license. In order to show currency with this, you must...

Shotgun National Squad Director

The current Shotgun National Squad Director has decided not to continue in the role and a volunteer is needed! Is anyone from the membership prepared to step forward and...

Copenhagen Open 2022

Prematch on 20th & 21st October and the Main Match on 22nd & 23rd October.

Both Range Officers and Competitors are welcome.


Summer Postal Leagues

The Summer Postal Leagues are here.   We may not have thrown off winter just yet, but the 1st March heralds the start of the  UKPSA Summer Postal Leagues. It’s time to...

2021 Results

2021 Shotgun
2021 Mini rifle
2021 LBF
2021 Action Air
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Winter Postal Leagues 2021

The UKPSA Winter Postal Leagues run from the 1st of November until the end of February 2022. The Leagues cover the disciplines of Action Air, LBP, LBR, Mini Rifle, PCC...

eDVC VOL.2 2021 September

The latest eDVC can be viewed via this link: eDVC September 2021 A Call to Action Please be sure to fill in the survey linked in the document and below so that we can...

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