Welcome to the UKPSA 2020 Indoor Action Air Tournament

This is a series of level 1 matches designed to be shot at home while you are self-isolating. These matches are shot to the full IPSC Action Air rules with the following amendments:

  • All stages use the IPSC Mini Rifle Micro Target and the same target as a No Shoot as this can be printed on an A4 Sheet.
  • No Range Officer is required but all normal safety rules must be applied including wearing safety glasses. If family members are shooting together one should act as the RO.
  • You can only shoot the stages once for score and it must be your first attempt. Enter your score, time and any penalties on Shoot’NScoreIT (SSI) for each match. You can of course shoot it as much as you like for fun!The courses of fire will be designed to be shot in one room of the house, using common furniture and fittings so you don’t need to disturb all the family – unless of course you want to introduce your partner or children to IPSC shooting?Safety – please take care when you shoot, and always wear safety glasses when shooting. Watch out for slips and trips! The UKPSA is not responsible for any breakages or damage caused to your home so please take care. Also as tempting as it is you must not ask friends around to compete together – everyone must stay isolated in their own home until the Covid-19 emergency is declared over and the restrictions on daily life have been lifted.What do I need to shoot the matches?Exclusive access to a room in your home – each match will be designed to be shot in one room. Course design will utilise common furniture found in many homes, like beds and sofas, but you may have to move things around a little to create the course of fire. Improvise and adapt to get as close to the stage design as possible with the critical thing being the relevant distances (keep a tape measure handy) to target or shooting position.A backstop for every target – airsoft projectiles can cause a lot of damage to plaster walls, so make sure you have a bullet trap in place to catch shots fired from any angle. Closed cardboard boxes stuffed with material inside (an old cushion or pillow works well) make excellent and very portable backstops with the added benefit that targets can also be stapled or pasted directly onto the box (and projectiles collected for later re-use). If you can’t get hold of some boxes then soft backstops like pillows, cushions or hanging heavy-duty material like blankets or decorators’ sheets can all be used. Hard backstops like hardboard or wood will save your walls but cause a lot of ricochets. Glass or plastic is not recommended as may shatter.

    Action Air (Airsoft) Pistol – with a minimum of two magazines (more depending on Division), projectiles and gas.

    Suitable holster, belt and mag pouches – or beginners can shoot ‘Tyro’. Where a holster is specified instead hold the gun in the strong hand pointed downrange with your elbow tucked into your side (an L shape) with your weak hand by your side.

    Drop box(s) for magazines.

    IPSC Micro Targets – full and partials cut to size as well as Micro No Shoots and patches. Targets can be ordered from the UKPSA supplier (make sure you order the micro NOT the mini target) and patches are available from Staples, Amazon, Double Alpha IPSC Store etc. If printing targets on A4 paper, you’ll need to cut these out and paste these on cardboard unless you’re pasting them straight on a cardboard ‘backstop’.

    A shot timer (if you don’t have one you can download an app for your smartphone). The timer will need to be positioned on any stage so it can pick up the last shot and remember to take your phone out of any case, so the microphone is not covered.

    Register on Shoot’n Score IT for the tournament matches.
    Close curtains or blinds – please avoid calls to the emergency services from worried neighbours or passers-by.

    That’s it. You’re ready to banish the kids to their room, re-arrange the furniture and load and make ready!

All documentation, stages and targets can be downloaded HERE

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