It has been agreed by our Regional Director to trial a production optics division in level 1 action air matches during 2019,  this will be an option in the upcoming  Airsoft Surgeon 2019 Sheild Cup on the 3rd & 4th August.


Full details of this exciting new division can be found in Appendix D4a as copied below:


APPENDIX D4a:  Action Air Production Optics Division

1. Maximum handgun size Maximum barrel length 127 mm
2. Maximum magazine length Yes, see below
3. Maximum projectile capacity Yes, see below
4. Max. distance of handgun and allied equipment from torso 50 mm (see Rule 5.2.5)
5. Rule 5.2.10 / Appendix E2 applies Yes
6. Optical/electronic sights Mandatory, see below
7. Compensators, ports, sound and/or flash suppressors No


Special conditions:


  1. Only Action Air versions of handguns listed as approved in the Production Division List on the IPSC website and fitted with an optical/electronic sight may be used in this Division. Note that handguns deemed by IPSC to be single-action-only are expressly prohibited.  The official IPSC protocol used to measure barrel length is illustrated in Appendix E4.


  1. Handguns with external hammers must be fully decocked (see Rule, at the Start Signal. First shot attempted must be double action.  Competitors in this Division who, after the issuance of the Start Signal and prior to attempting the first shot, cock the hammer on a handgun which has a loaded chamber, will incur one procedural penalty per occurrence.  Note that a procedural penalty will not be assessed in respect of courses of fire where the ready condition requires the competitor to prepare the handgun with an empty chamber.  In these cases, the competitor may fire the first shot single action.


  1. Original parts and components offered by the OFM as standard equipment, or as an option, for a specific model handgun on the IPSC approved handgun list are permitted, subject to the following:


10.1    Modifications to them, other than minor detailing (the removal of burrs and/or adjustments unavoidably required in order to fit replacement OFM parts or components), are prohibited.  Other prohibited modifications include those which facilitate faster reloading (e.g. racking or cocking handles, flared, enlarged and/or add-on magwells, etc.), and/or adding stippling.  Changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments is permitted.


10.2    Magazines accessible to a competitor during a COF must not contain more than 15 projectiles at the Start Signal.  Identifying marks or decals, internal capacity limiters, bumper pads and additional witness holes, which add or remove negligible weight to/from magazines, are permitted.


10.3    Sights may be removed, trimmed, adjusted and/or have colors applied.  Sights may also be fitted with fiber optic or similar inserts.


  1. Aftermarket parts, components and accessories are prohibited, except as follows:


11.1    Aftermarket magazines are permitted, subject to 10.2 above.


11.2    Aftermarket open and optical/electronic sights (see Rules and and mounting plates are permitted, provided their installation and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun other than the milling of the slide in order to facilitate the installation of an optical/electronic sight.


11.3    Aftermarket grip panels which match the profile and contours of the OFM standard or optional grip panels for the approved handgun and/or the application of tape on grips (see Appendix E3a) are permitted.  However, rubber sleeves are prohibited.


11.4    Aftermarket springs are permitted.


11.5    Aftermarket slides which match the profile and contours of the OFM slide, other than the milling of the slide in order to facilitate the installation of an optical/electronic sight, are permitted.  However, modifications to them designed to facilitate an improved grip compared to the OFM slide are prohibited.


  1. Optical/electronic sights must be mounted on the upper rear of the slide either in addition to, or replacement of, the rear open sight. Racking or cocking handles or other similar protuberances cannot form part of the sight or its mounting.


  1. This Division is under evaluation and, unless extended, it will expire on 31 December 2020.

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