With the latest attack on shooting sports in the UK from the Government with the proposal to ban .50 cal rifles and lever release/MARS rifles, the UKPSA P.R.O. who is Adam Rowsell, has a meeting planned with The Home Secretary Amber Rudd for next Saturday. This is additional to his continued work with BSSC on behalf of the UKPSA. Adam has sent this message for all to read:

The unification of shooting bodies through BSSC is very important in approaching challenging and politically fuelled differences in attitude towards lawful firearms ownership. We need at all times to remain reasoned and positive. Our best hope of improving public safety is to work with our government to help them realise the error in any misguided approach to persuing more draconian restrictions.

We must emphasis the safeguards that already exist and the lack of benefit to alienating voters who have a justified reason and lawful authority for owning firearms. BSSC has succeeded in strengthening communication and cooperation between all shooting interest groups, and also in strengthening relations with the government, home office and police. The initial outlook from the recent home office publication is that together all shooting groups see the suggested measures as incapable of yielding improvements to public safety. It is also felt strongly that this is an unacceptable line, which if crossed, could lead to further unnecessary losses of freedoms for legitimate, responsible shooters. Significant losses that will be certain to yield no benefit to the public.

It is very important at this stage to separate the complicated issue if managing risks associated with lawful firearms ownership, from a need to reduce an apparent increase in criminality involving street violence. The evidence available at this time is clear and these issues remain separate and unrelated. None of the types of firearms referred to in the home office statement have been involved in any incident warranting their prohibition or further restriction.

Public fears can often be misguided and badly informed. We can only work with the facts to dispel the myths and reconcile irrational fear where possible. We are also keen to avoid jumping to any conclusions at this stage. By sitting down and being prepared to work closely with the government through discussion of this issue, we hope we will have the best chance of understanding it better, and avoiding any catastrophe that could result from poorly considered government initiatives.

We will try to keep the membership updated of the developments as and when we know more. We would like to assure everyone that work on this, as well as many other important issues occurs continually. The subject of lawful firearms ownership is constantly under attack. Sadly, misguided and oversimplified attempts to damage, restrict or prohibit ownership by civilians are not that uncommon. Fundamental parts of our historic culture and freedom are at risk, but we remain calm and continue to pursue what is fair, well reasoned and just. Without any reasonable proof that public safety will improve as a result we simply cannot accept a relentless apatite to disarm the public for the sake of misplaced fear.

We will work hard during the meeting to demonstrate that the lawful means to allow the safe and responsible use of firearms requires preservation, and we hope that Amber Rudd can be sympathetic to our plight. Amber has made at least one visit to a local shooting club in Sussex and even had a try at shooting. She remarked that she enjoyed her visit at the time and so I am optimistic she may be open to taking on board our views.

What can you do?

Read the consultation process and respond – CONSULTATION

Contact your MP and voice your concerns – Who is your MP?

See what BASC say about the proposals – BASC response

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