The GB squad is gearing up for their third IPSC Rifle World Shoot, this time in Finland, taking place in August 2024.  There will be a mixture of seasoned veterans and exciting newcomers. Shooters like Dave Joy will be bringing their wealth of experience, while newer competitors like Lee Elliot and Christian Bar will be experiencing the thrill of the IPSC Rifle world stage for the first time.

The unpredictable Finnish weather has thrown a curveball at their three-year planning.  To be prepared for anything, the squad has had to adapt, considering additional weatherproof gear and sunscreen alike , ensuring their match equipment is ready for all conditions. With weather likely to be between 16 and 34 degrees, with the potential for bright sun or continual downpours, it really is a mixed potential.

Despite the challenges, the squad is buzzing with excitement. Many are pulling out all the stops to intensify their training in the final months before the competition. This dedication and camaraderie are a hallmark of the GB squad, and they’re ready to take on the best from the Nordics, the States, and beyond.

A key factor in their preparation has been the ongoing support of Beachwood Sports. The team would like to extend their sincere gratitude to owner Carl Smith, whose generosity in providing Trijicon optics for many in the squad has been instrumental in their training and upcoming performance. This boost has given the GB squad a significant advantage, allowing them to refine their aim and perfect their shooting techniques with top-of-the-line equipment.  Keltec, through their ongoing relationship with Calibre Innovations are supporting some members of the squad with equipment too, and thanks to both companies.

The squad is made up of: Adrian Ginzler, Mike Shiew, Graham Mitchell, Colin Alden, James Nixon, Lee Elliot, Michael Brooks, David Ashcroft, Christian Barr, Dave Joy and Dominic Fung.

We also have 2 RO’s working at the match in Dave Joy and Russ Hicks.

One of the exciting things about this World Shoot is that equipment can be hired for the competition.   This does give the potential for more UKPSA members to take part in future events….

The competition itself is a true test of skill and endurance. As with all level 5 event’s this will be shot over six days, with competitors facing 30 challenging stages and firing approximately 600 rounds of ammunition. Expect the usual world-class level of difficulty, pushing the GB squad to their limits against some of the best rifle shooters in the world.

But the team is ready. Their dedication, combined with the support of sponsors like Beachwood Sports, fuels their passion and determination to succeed on the world stage.

If you are interested in getting involved in IPSC rifle, please get in touch with the UKPSA Head of Rifle Commission, Russ Hicks. Russ will put you in touch with the right people to help in your journey.

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