With the World Shoot now a year away, I am pleased to announce the provisional Great Britain National Squad.


The initial [provisional] selection is drawn from the data produced by the selection criteria published back in January of this year. The National Squad will start with 20 places, and be populated by those on the selection list who currently have a 70% (Men) and 60% (Women) average score or above (Overall percentage, not category percentage, at this stage).


We will not get clarity on the number of slots available to us as a Region for some time. However I am very keen to establish a provisional National Squad so that we can start to look at training opportunities. 


All those on the selection list have been informed if they have qualified for the provisional National Squad, I appreciated that some may be disappointed at this stage. However as the 2024 competition season unfolds this year’s selection scores will change, and the National Squad will change accordingly against the selection criteria, including any disqualifications. 


Once I have a clearer view of the National Squad performance, and number of places allocated to us as a region, later this year I will consider the selection of teams from the National Squad. 


Provisional Great Britain National Mini Rifle Squad:


Starley, Jim Open Regular 97.71%
Leaton, Kelvin Open Regular 94.99%
Ellaway, Tom Open Regular 93.65%
Ducker, Ben Open Regular 94.61%
Hopgood, Lee Open Senior 84.50%
Hicks, Russell Open Senior 78.50%
Du Plessis, Nick Open Super Senior 76.13%
Andrew Marling Open Senior 72.84%
Fung, Dominic Standard Regular 94.07%
Williamson, James Open Regular 84.27% 
Mustard, Alasdair Standard Regular 88.03%
Christophi, Constantine Standard Regular 72.14%
Gough, Ste Open Regular 85.70%
Roe, Duncan Open Regular 78.43%
Thomas, James Open Regular 75.09%
Kaium, Abyl Standard Regular 84.91%
Long-Collins, Callum Open Regular 88.05%
Wyborn, Paul Open Regular 92.59%
Marc Bowler Standard Regular 91.08%
Alipour, Aryan Arius Open Regular 87.98%

Lee Hopgood MBE
Mini Rifle National Squad Director

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