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Well with multiple matches under our belt, the 2021 competition season has really got into its stride. Something for everyone with Shotgun, Mini Rifle and Action Air matches being run by NROI members across Great Britain.

The weather has been kind to us so far this year, with excessive heat being more of a problem than the traditional British ‘wet’ summer (more on that later) and the gradually reducing limitations imposed by covid-19 precautions have really helped the sport open up with lots of people keen to shoot UKPSA competitions.

I am pleased to see the number of trainee range officers coming through the system, with nine becoming fully qualified as NROI members over the last two months. With more training starting again in September and lots of supervised range officers working to finish their training the NROI is growing in numbers. A very well done to all those who have completed their training, I’ll look forward to working with you at a UKPSA event soon!

We still have plenty of competitions to come so check the UKPSA competition calendar and get in touch with the Match Director or Range Master if you can help.

Lessons from the line

Mini Rifle – checking equipment compliance

As match officials we need to check that everyone’s equipment complies with their declared division. As you know in Mini Rifle that means ensuring that magazines in pouches or pockets are not more than 50mm from the body as defined in Appendix D of the rules.

In the absence of a clear definition in the Mini Rifle rules of how to measure the maximum distance from the body the NROI committee recently agreed that it should be as per the IPSC Handgun rules 5.2.5 and (see picture), where both magazines would be fine in this configuration. Also as with Handgun the Rangemaster may consider anatomical differences.

Please note that a clipped or taped magazine placed in a pouch is very unlikely to comply. If worn in a pouch or pocket at any time during the course of fire (from Load and Make Ready to the insertion of the chamber safety flag) it will result in the competitor shooting for no score if the furthest magazine is more than 50mm from the body.

Use of the IPSC Micro Target for Action Air/PCC/Rifle

The IPSC Executive have agreed the trial use of the IPSC Micro target in Rifle, Pistol Caliber Carbine and Action Air. Below is their statement and information about how the Micro target may or may not be used in competition.

Please note that as the UKPSA has not applied for the exemption for Rifle then the use of the IPSC Micro Target is not permitted in this discipline in Great Britain.


The IPSC Executive Council has decided that the use of IPSC Micro Targets be permitted for evaluation purposes in IPSC Rifle, PCC and Action Air matches up to, and including, Level III to allow distance simulation. The next IPSC Assembly will decide whether to adopt the target for these Disciplines. Their use is subject to the conditions set out below.

Rifle Only

In order to help develop IPSC Rifle in Regions that currently do not have long distance ranges and find it difficult to comply with the recommended distances set out in Rule, an interested Region may apply to the IPSC Executive Council for consent to run Level III matches using these targets in the Region. If granted, such consent will last for a period of one year from the date of the grant.

Rifle and PCC

  1. They are used to simulate IPSC Targets and IPSC Mini Targets placed at greater distances.
  2. They may be included together in the same target array with IPSC Poppers or IPSC Mini Poppers.
  3. They must not be included together in the same target array with IPSC Targets or IPSC Mini Targets.
  4. The target scoring zones are to be scored the same as for IPSC Targets and IPSC Mini Targets.

Action Air

  1. They are used to simulate IPSC Action Air Targets placed at greater distances.
  2. They may be included together in the same target array with IPSC Action Air Poppers or IPSC Action Air Mini Poppers.
  3. They must not be included together in the same target array with IPSC Action Air Targets.
  4. The target scoring zones are to be scored the same as for IPSC Action Air Targets.

When is a reload not a reload – when it is the same magazine!

 A query arose recently at a match and just to confirm the removal and reinsertion of the same magazine does not constitute a reload as defined in the IPSC rules glossary (see below). Failure to complete a mandatory reload will result in a procedural error penalty.

 IPSC Rules Glossary

Reloading ………………………. Replenishment or the insertion of additional ammunition into a firearm.

Water, Water Everywhere… but watch how much you drink!

We’ve had several matches recently with extremely (for Great Britain) hot weather and some people have really struggled with the heat.

Having worked my fair share of international matches in both desert and tropical climates, I wanted to pass on my five top tips for staying healthy when the weather turns toasty!

 1. Wear hi-factor sunscreen – remember to put this on before you go to the range – once you get working you’ll forget until someone points out you’re as red as a boiled lobster! My morning regime at matches with warm weather has for years has been shave – shower – sunscreen. And don’t forget to top it up during the day, it wears off and loses its effectiveness, so some sunscreen should always be in your range bag!

2. Wear a hat – it is critical you protect your head from direct sunlight and UV and don’t forget that if the hat has a mesh design you still need to apply sunscreen to any bald patches or where your hair is thinning.

3. Keep hydrated – if you aren’t thinking about a loo break every hour then you are probably not drinking enough. But watch you don’t drink so much water without replacing essential minerals and electrolytes and you may wash all of these out of your body and make yourself seriously ill.

4. Replace minerals and electrolytes – eat bananas for potassium and salty foods (but you must drink plenty of fluid with these). You can also use energy drinks or for a cheaper alternative soft drinks with a high mineral content like coke.

5. Cool critical points – in extremely hot weather a cold drinks bottle, wet towel with ice in it or a gel filled scarf soaked in ice water can rapidly cool you down and keep you cool if applied to the artery in the neck.

Remember to look after your own health, so prepare for the sun, eat, drink and keep cool.

Developing your Institute

Latest Level 1 IROA/NROI seminars – sign up now!

For anyone interested in training to be a UKPSA match official we are now taking bookings from qualifying UKPSA members for the next seminars commencing in September and October 2021.

If you know any members who would make a great RO please encourage them to sign up!

NROI Chairman

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