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The new decade presents many opportunities for the UKPSA and our Institute, even if the ‘roaring twenties’ conjures up more images of bootlegging gangsters, flapper girls and Thompsons! The number of IPSC disciplines has increased and we are in a great place to exploit Mini Rifle and Action Air, not to mention Shotgun. The UKPSA is keen to take a lead and offer high-level IPSC matches in these disciplines in the future. The NROI, of course, has a critical role, turning these ideas into world-class events. To do this, and service an increasing number of matches we need to increase our membership and help our members gain experience. So why not attend a level 1 seminar to a friend? Or if you’ve been a Range Officer for a while why not attend the IROA level 2 seminar or work an international match?

Coming up soon will be our first national match of the year, the Action Air Home Countries Championship in March. Before that, of course, there are many level 1 matches where you can dust off your shot timer and hone your skills. Personally, I’m looking forward to the first championship shotgun match of the year, the Home Countries at North Cotes Butts, where I’ll be the Range Master. I know Pete Savage the MD is still looking for NROI members to help, so if you’re interested in volunteering your services contact psavage@drypoolps.karoo.co.uk

All UKPSA members should note that the rules for long-barrelled firearms have been updated and will apply for all competitions in 2020 (see below).

The NROI committee has been re-appointed and I’d like to thank Bob Chittleborough, David Joy, Ken Trail, Kevin Strowger and Neil Beverley again for their work in 2019 and for volunteering to continue to support the NROI in 2020.

Last, but not least, NROI members don’t forget the deadline for sending in a copy of your completed match record card for 2019 is 31st January. Simply photograph/scan it and send it to me at nroi@ukpsa.org

Lessons from the line

Updated UKPSA Competition Rules 2020

The UKPSA Council approved the new amendments of the IPSC rules for firearms specific to the UK (they are an update to the competition rules first issued in 2017). These rules which can be found on the UKPSA website must be used at all UKPSA matches (including level 1 matches that are shot to IPSC/UKPSA rules).

The main changes are:
• Mini Rifle, now an IPSC discipline, must be shot to the IPSC rules;
• LBR/LBP must be shot to the IPSC Handgun rules with very minor amendments (see below);
• Gallery Rifle is replaced with Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC). This must be shot to IPSC PCC rules but with all pistol calibres allowed.

The Council agreed one significant change for .22LR long-barrelled pistols. This recognises the material damage that can be caused by dropping the hammer on a rimfire firearm (as recognised already in the Mini Rifle rules). Where this may occur competitors can follow a different final safety check to demonstrate the chamber is empty. Please note this is not optional i.e. competitors must either drop the hammer on an empty chamber by pulling the trigger or prove chamber empty by inserting a chamber safety flag before removing it and lowering the hammer under control. If they fail to do this, the RO must ask them to repeat the unload and do it properly!

Please note that this does not apply to centrefire IPSC disciplines where the full requirements of the IPSC rules must be applied.

When can you shoot a stage twice? When it’s a different discipline and match!

I was recently asked whether you can shoot a stage twice for score in a match and of course, the answer is no (see rule 6.2.4). What you can do, however, is shoot the same course of fire if it is in two different matches in two different disciplines, like Handgun and PCC. The course of fire would, of course, have to comply with all the rules as they apply to both disciplines and of course both matches are scored totally separately. To be honest, I feel this approach doesn’t really test the capability of very different firearms, but it isn’t prohibited by the IPSC rules.

For 2020 the UKPSA Council decided that it will not sanction UKPSA matches which mix Mini Rifle and LBP in the same match. This is important as the course of fire needs to reflect and test the different capabilities of these firearms as well as different round counts and targets. Happily, we are seeing organisers rising to the challenge and starting to put on two matches more tuned to the relevant discipline over the same weekend.

Developing your Institute

Level 1 IROA/NROI Range Officer Seminars – why not book your place or phone a friend?

We need to continue to build the number of active NROI members and we now have three seminars planned for early 2020, in the North, South and East of the country. These free seminars are open to experienced UKPSA members so please do sign up or pass on the details to anyone you think would benefit.

Headley Park Rifle & Pistol Club 22/23 February 2020. The instructor for this seminar will be UKPSA Range Master and IROA CRO David Joy. To book a place and find out more contact Rob Parkhouse at rob.firearms@gmail.com

North Cotes Butts 28/29 March 2020. The instructor for this seminar will be UKPSA and IROA Range Master Martyn Spence. To book a place and find our more information contact Pete Savage at psavage@drypoolps.karoo.co.uk

Carlisle Small Arms Club 18/19 April 2020. The instructor for this seminar will be UKPSA and IROA Range Master Martyn Spence. To book a place and to find out more contact Vanessa Duffy at vduffy16@aol.com

If these are too far from your home club then we can come to you! If your club would like to host a seminar, please do get in touch with me at nroi@ukpsa.org

Level 2 IROA Seminar – expand your knowledge and build on your experience

We also plan to run another IROA/NROI level 2 seminar in 2020 for experienced UKPSA officials. You can find out more about this interesting two-day seminar which explores running a portion of an IPSC match as a Chief Range Officer, alongside course design and build by contacting me at nroi@ukpsa.org

NROI Chairman

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