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It really is unprecedented times, with IPSC shooting across the world pretty much cancelled as we all face a prolonged period of lockdown. Certainly, it looks likely that UK restrictions are unlikely to be lifted until summer and even then, we may still face challenges especially if social distancing rules are still in force. It’ll certainly be difficult to be in arms reach of the competitor as an RO if we must maintain a two-metre distance!

As you know the many matches in the 2020 season have been cancelled or postponed but covid-19 permitting there is much to look forward to in the Autumn, which is already looking busy with many major matches across Europe. Unfortunately of course the World Championships in Thailand in November we now know is postponed to 2021.

Despite being housebound not all UKPSA activity has stopped. You can hone your skills with the practice drills prepared by Vanessa Duffy on the UKPSA Forum and of course if you have an Action Air pistol you can shoot the three matches of the UKPSA Action Air Tournament in your home. The matches are online now!

If you’re worried about getting ‘rules rusty’ there is the Let’s Talk IPSC page on Facebook which often features rules related questions to test your ability on applying the IPSC rules.

Thank you to those members who have ordered the rather nice new NROI red jackets. These will now be going into production and I’ll update you on when they arrive.

I’m pleased to confirm that all current UKPSA NROI members will be recognised as MoD Range Conducting Officers. Your RCO card will be issued through your UKPSA affiliated club on renewal.

Finally something for when we can get back to the range – new UKPSA rule amendments to accommodate LBPs without an external hammer.

Lessons from the line

Just a reminder that the IPSC rules about the placement of fingers during movement, loading/reloading/unloading etc. are clear. They state the fingers must be visibly outside the trigger guard. See 8.4.1 and 8.5.1. If they aren’t visibly outside, then it is a disqualification.

Revised LBP Competition Rules – safety flag use replacing dropping the hammer
Following on from the introduction of long-barrelled pistols with no external hammer, the UKPSA NROI committee has agreed the following rule amendments (new text bold italic). These are for immediate use. Handguns carried in a holster must have an empty magazine well, and the hammer or striker must be decocked. If it has no external hammer, it must have a safety flag fitted. Violations will incur a warning for the first occurrence but will be subject to Rule 10.6.1 for subsequent occurrences in the same match. If a handgun has a decocking lever, that alone must be used to decock the handgun, without touching the trigger. If a handgun does not have a decocking lever, the hammer must be safely and manually lowered all the way forward (i.e. not just to a “half-cock notch” or to another similar intermediary position). A long-barrelled pistol without an external hammer may remain cocked but must have a safety flag fitted.

8.1.3 If a course of fire requires that a self-loading pistol be prepared with an empty chamber, the slide must be fully forward and the hammer, if fitted, must be fully down or decocked (also see Rule A long-barrelled pistol without an external hammer may remain cocked and a competitor can remove the safety flag on the command, Load and Make Ready or Make Ready.

8.3.7 “If Clear, Hammer Down or Secure Chamber, Holster” – After issuance of this command, the competitor must not resume shooting (see Rule 10.6.1). While continuing to point the handgun safely downrange, the competitor must perform a final safety check of the handgun as follows: Self-loaders – Release the slide and pull the trigger (without touching the hammer or decocker, if any). If a handgun has a device which requires a magazine be inserted to enable the trigger to be pulled, the competitor must, on the issuance of the above command, inform the Range Officer, who will direct and supervise the use, and subsequent removal, of an empty magazine to facilitate this process. If dropping the hammer on an empty chamber will cause material damage, the competitor must instead fit a chamber safety flag to ensure there is no round remaining in the chamber. The hammer is then lowered all the way forward (i.e. not just to a “half-cock notch” or to another similar intermediary position). A handgun with no external hammer may remain cocked if a safety flag is fitted. A double-action or selective action pistol with the hammer cocked and the safety not applied unless the handgun has no external hammer and a safety flag is fitted.

There are several different suppliers of safety flags online suitable for use with .22 long-barrelled pistols and other .22 calibre firearms.



Range Conducting Officer for MoD ranges and land

All current UKPSA NROI officials are able to be recognised as RCOs, meaning you can be responsible for the conduct of IPSC shooting on MoD ranges or land. But to do this you must hold a valid RCO card issued by the UKPSA. All NROI members will be issued an RCO card via their affiliated UKPSA club (the MOD system requires the issue of the card through your club.

UKPSA affiliated clubs will get the MoD certification and RCO cards with their renewal information this year. You will need to sign for the card and the club certificate which is provided to the authorities.

It is the responsibility of the NROI member acting as a Range Conducting Officer to ensure that all shooting is conducted strictly according to the range rules and regulations as applied to the venue. Courses of fire must be adapted if required to ensure they comply with the rules of the range.

Developing your Institute

Seminar Series Postponed

Unfortunately, all the seminars and the First Aid course planned for the beginning of the year have had to be cancelled.
We will re-schedule these as soon as possible.

If you are an experienced official with 28 or more match points and would like to register your interest for a future IROA level 2 seminar please do get in touch with me at NROI@ukpsa.org

NROI Chairman

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