Hard to believe we are already halfway through the UKPSA’s Summer Postal Leagues!

Rounds 1 and 2 have been running since the beginning of March and have already published 38 stages across the different disciplines. And the Postal League Team have just produced a further 19 stages for Round 3.

We recognise that people and clubs are feeling their way back into regular shooting and not all have been able to shoot the earlier rounds. So for this year we are allowing ‘Catch Up’, this is where you are allowed to shoot the stages from earlier rounds and upload your scores. You may not replace a score you have already posted but if your club is shooting an earlier round it’s all good practice, so urge you to get involved.

We will still publish a leader board after each round and the eventual final scores when the final round completes at the end of October.

With this in mind, we are encouraging clubs to consider putting on Level 1 matches, dedicated to shooting the Postal League Stages, simply to ensure people do not miss any stages or just to get more shooters involved in practical shooting.

Winter 2021/22 Medals – as they say, all good things are worth waiting for! The medals for the Winter Postal League have now been sent out to recipients and they are fabulous and well worth winning. Congratulations to all the winners.

Lastly, we have been asked to consider looking at mixing the target sizes for the Mini Rifle league. At the moment we are sticking with the Micro Target but will try and introduce one or two stages in round 4 where the Mini Target will be used.


Vanessa Duffy

UKPSA Postal League Co Ordinator

Communication Officer

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