The Summer Postal Leagues are here.


We may not have thrown off winter just yet, but the 1st March heralds the start of the  UKPSA Summer Postal Leagues.

It’s time to incorporate the stages into your club shoots and introduce your members to the fun of practical shooting.

The Postal Leagues cover all the disciplines we shoot here in Great Britain. The stages are designed to be simple to set up and run. You can run a club Level 1 using the stages, compete against each other and then enter your scores into the League. That way you can gauge how you and your club are performing against others from all over our region. There is the added bonus that if you register your shoot as a Level 1 it helps to maintain your UKPSA competition licence.

The leagues are made up of four rounds, each has three of four stages. At the end of each round a Leader Board will be published, so you can see how you are doing individually and as a club team.  Prizes will be awarded to the overall winners later in the year.

All the information on setting up the stages is provided, along with diagrams and score sheets. Your scores can be uploaded directly into SSI, the scoring programme that allows remote inputting of scores.

Best of all, the UKPSA Postal Leagues are free to enter and you do not have to be a member or an affiliated club to participate.

Details for each league are available on the UKPSA Postal Leagues section of the Member’s Forum.  Or download the stages from SSI

Action Air –

Long Barrelled Firearms –

Mini Rifle –

Shotgun Birdshot –

Shotgun Slug –

The UKPSA Postal League Team is made up of Alan Wragg, Paul Wyborn, Chris Wakefield and myself. We welcome ideas for stages. We can be contacted via

Vanessa Duffy

UKPSA Postal League Co Ordinator

March 2022

Communication Officer

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