The UKPSA Winter Postal Leagues run from the 1st of November until the end of February 2022.

The Leagues cover the disciplines of Action Air, LBP, LBR, Mini Rifle, PCC and Shotgun.

As always these competitions are open to all shooters and completely free to enter.

The stages of the Winter Leagues are based on standard exercises, easy to set up and operate within most club settings. Ideal for those long dark nights or weekend club shoots. The stages may be shot at any time over the four-month period and do not have to be shot all in one go.

Clubs could register a Level 1 competition with the UKPSA Competition Secretary and include some or all of the stages. This could contribute towards members maintaining the UKPSA Competition Licence if the match is registered.

The courses of fire for all disciplines are included in one document. This is divided into three sections. Holstered Firearms, Rifles and Shotgun. The document also includes score sheets so that you can easily record each person’s scores and can be found here.

Each discipline is scored via the Shoot and Score It programme.  This enables nominated Stats Officers to enter their club members and upload their scores. The stages can also be downloaded from SSI.

Results will be published in March 2022. As well as individual prizes there will be Team awards as well.

I hope you enjoy shooting the Postal Leagues in your Club settings.

Any questions or issues please contact me via

Vanessa Duffy
UKPSA Postal Leagues Co-Ordinator

Communication Officer

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