Handgun 2020 – Thailand

We have been allocated 15 places at the World Handgun shoot 2020 in Thailand. If you would like to be considered for a place email handgun@ukpsa.org with details of the Handgun/LBF/Action Air matches you have competed in over the last 12 months, reasons why you should be considered, your plans for training up until the match in Thailand’. Please note the match entry is $500 which must be paid by 16th February 2020.

Clive Gamlin – Handgun NSD

Shotgun 2021 – Thailand

Shotgun World Shoot IV has been confirmed as Thailand in 2021. The dates are yet to be confirmed but they are expected to be in the Autumn. As we need a starting point for the preparation and planning, this is an initial request for you to express an interest in attending, and will not commit you in any way. Hopefully, we will be allocated sufficient slots to accommodate all who wish to attend. If necessary priority will be given to those who qualify for team places to represent Great Britain.

If you are interested then please respond to  sharon.sell@ntlworld.com  who has kindly agreed to collate the list of potential competitors.

Ken Trail – Shotgun NSD

Communication Officer

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