• Chair
    Clive Gamlin
    • Secretary
      Wendy Thomas
      • Membership Secretary
        Jayne Lawley-Morris
        • Assistant Membership Secretary
          Kirsty Giles
      • Conduct and Standards Committee Chair
        Janina White
    • UTC Chair
      Steffan Davies
    • NROI President
      Martyn Spence
      • NROI Secretary
        Jason Clarke
    • Vice President
      Andrew Williams
    • Vice President
      Richard Clifton
    • Treasurer
      Gareth Cooper
      • Grants Sub Committee
    • Regional Director
      Kevin Strowger
      • National Squad Directors
        • Shotgun National Squad Director
          Sharon Sell
        • Handgun National Squad Director
          Justin Cooper
        • Action Air National Squad Director
          Tim Wyborn
        • Rifle National Squad Director
          James Nixon
        • Mini Rifle National Squad Director
          Lee Hopgood
        • PCC National Squad Director
          David Kiddle
      • Stats Officer
      • Postal League Coordinator
        Eric Li
      • Heads of Commission
        • Head of Shotgun Comission
          Tim Ward
        • Head of Handgun Commission
          Justin Cooper
        • Head of Rifle Commission
          Russell Hicks
        • Head of Action Air Commission
          Tim Wyborn
    • Public Relations Officer
      Michael Brooks
      • Comms Officer
        Aryan Alipour
      • Media Officer
        Duncan Roe
      • Regional Organisers
        • Northern Group Regional Organiser
          Graham Guest
          • North West Area Ambassador
          • North East Area Ambassador
        • Midlands Group Regional Organiser
          Dave Smith
          • Midlands Area Ambassador
          • Wales Area Ambassador
        • Southern Group Regional Organiser
          Simon Tobias
          • South East Area Ambassador
            Julia Hilger-Ellis
          • South West Area Ambassador
            Dan Truscott
        • Scottish Group Regional Organiser
          Chris Toner
  • Grants Sub Committee
  • UTC Committee
    • Mike Brooks
    • Graham Guest
    • Mark Rayner
    • Russell Hicks
    • Rob Parkhouse
    • Dave Smith
  • NROI Committee
    • Martyn Spence
    • Russell Hicks
    • Paul Gerrish
    • Chris Toner
  • SCC Committee
    • Janina White
    • Michael Brooks
    • Dave Smith
    • Graham Guest
    • Chris Toner
    • Martyn Spence
    • Gary Dyer

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