Becoming a UKPSA Member brings many benefits:

As a UKPSA member you will have access to high quality safety training which is provided by a network of certified and experienced trainers at locations all over the country.

Competitors who wish to compete internationally at IPSC matches require sign-off from their region of residence, if you live in Britain this means joining the UKPSA, so your membership could be the start of a travel adventure as well as a new sport and a great way to meet new shooting friends!

UKPSA membership includes insurance to cover your shooting activities. Firearms membership will include FAC/SGC revocation insurance from April 2021 and the membership fees have been increased to cover this additional cost.

Members can opt into the UKPSA Rewards Card for discounts on shopping, read more on the Rewards Card page.

The UKPSA is committed to developing the sport of Practical Shooting in Britain and in developing teams in all IPSC Disciplines, Divisions and Categories to compete internationally at events including IPSC European Championships and IPSC World Shoots.

Lapsed members (membership lapsed by more than 1 year), can now apply through the standard membership application process.

New Applicants

The membership application process is effectively split into three stages:
Stage 1: sign up on the GoMembership platform.

Stage 2: from sign up, you will land on the page  to apply for membership. If you do not do this straight away, you can access the page by clicking MEMBERSHIP from the top of your screen. Most members will apply for Individual membership (it is cheaper to set up a direct debit subscription), click the tile, then answer the additional questions that appear at the bottom of the screen, then click the button at the bottom to go through to the checkout to pay for your membership.

Stage 3: upload your credentials such as FAC or reference. Click on MY PROFILE from the top of the screen, then the Credentials button is the bottom of the four ’tiles’ on the left of the MY PROFILE screen. Just click the Add Credentials button and follow the prompts. Applicants are required to upload one of the following 4 sets of Credentials:

  1. FAC
  2. SGC
  3. Passport/driving licence AND a reference from HOA club secretary/ UKPSA member in good standing
  4. Passport/driving licence AND 2 Character references from non-related professional persons.

For out of region membership:  Passport and a reference letter from your local Regional Director is also acceptable.

If you have passed a UKPSA safety course, fill in those details and upload the certificate.

You are also able to select membership to affiliated clubs.

Please be aware that the membership application process requires that all applications are approved by Council. That can only be done when you have paid your membership and submitted all required documents, so it is far from instantaneous!

You can start the membership application process for new members here:
New Membership Application

If you spot any bugs, please report them to us using the Bug Reporting Form

Firearms Membership Rates (2023/24) If paid by Direct debit Any other payment method
Individual £65  £72
Clubs (inc insurance) £108  £113
Clubs (Action Air only) £54  £59
Juniors (under 21) £41  £45
Family £167 (unable to discount)  £167
Out of Region £37  £44
Out of Region but member of local region £48  £54

We have now introduced a special low membership rate for members who only shoot Action Air sports:

Action Air only Membership Rates (2023/24) If paid by Direct debit Any other payment method
Individual £17  £19
Juniors (under 21) £8  £10
Family £42(unable to discount)  £42

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