Rewards Card

UKPSA Rewards Card, an optional benefit for members

Members can choose to buy a UKPSA Rewards Card, a benefit offered by our membership platform which offers access to a world of discounts on your shopping and other services.

The cost is only £3 in the 2020/21 membership year, rising to £4 after that. Most members save this fee the first time they use the card and some of our early adopters have already saved more than their annual membership fee 🙂

Discount are often in the form of a physical or digital gift card which you top up in advance at a discount, then spend as needed. There are also voucher codes which you use in the normal way. Say you see something you want at Currys, you can buy digital gift cards at an 8% discount and use them at the online checkout – that funds quite a bit of ammo!

Below are just a few of the discounts currently (November 2020) available:
Sainsburys 4% – you can use digital cards online, but limited to £50 each time
Tesco 4%
ASDA 3-4% – you can use digital cards online, no apparent limits
Morrisons 4%

B&Q 3-5%
Wickes 4%

High Street and online
Halfords 10%
Argos 7%
Currys PC World 8% – you can use digital cards online, no apparent limits but you may need to buy multiple cards
John Lewis 6%
Sports Direct 3.5-5%
Decathlon 7%
TK Maxx 11%

Eating out
The Restaurant Card 11%
Great British Pub Card 10%
Pizza Express 10%
Prezzo 10-25%
Costa 10%

Google Play 5%
iTunes 6%

How to get it

Members can sign up by logging into the usual membership site using either their e-mail address or membership number, then view MY PROFILE, click on MEMBER DETAILS and then REWARDCARD, click the drop down box to select the item, then click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and follow the usual checkout process. If you want this to auto-renew, please tick this option after you click your chosen payment option button at checkout.

The membership platform will transfer your details to the reward provider weekly on a Monday, so there will be a small delay before you receive your welcome e-mail which will invite you to set up an account directly with the rewards provider and you log in directly with them in future.

Some tips for members:

Digital gift cards are available almost immediately, in the form of a barcode which you can either display from your phone at the retailer or copy and paste into their website. Before ordering a digital gift card for online use, check that the retailer will accept this as payment on their website – Curry PC World do, for example, whereas Tesco do not but ASDA do. You can pay with more than one gift card for each transaction. You can also print out the barcode for use in physical shops/supermarkets, in this way you can share this benefit with other members of your household. You cannot top up a digital gift card, but any remaining balance will be retained until you next come to use it (An unused balance does expire if there is no activity for a few years). You can purchase digital gift card using either a debit or a credit card.

Physical gift cards are posted to you. If you order for the minimum amount, there is little risk if lost in the post, so you may feel comfortable just paying for normal postage rather than recorded delivery. Once you have the card, go through the Rewards website as if you are ordering the card again and you will be transferred to the Vectis site where you can top it up, you will see you card number in the box when you reach the page for your chosen retailer. If you want to top up other cards, once on the Vectis site, click on your name in the top right of the screen to open your account, then click on Gift Cards on the right and you can choose to Reload any of your cards. Be aware that the top up is not instant, they say allow up to two days, but it can be the same day or the next day. You can only pay for physical gift card using a debit card.

We hope you enjoy using this benefit.

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