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First some changes for 2024 to the NROI committee. I am proud to have been appointed to lead the NROI in the  new role of NROI President, and in that I’m being ably assisted by Jason Clarke, the new NROI Secretary. Along with Russ Hicks, Paul Gerrish and Chris Toner we had our first meeting as the new NROI committee recently and I am sure you’ll be glad to know we’ve hit the ground running!

One of our first decisions was to bring back the annual match points cards. But NROI members don’t need to record their work at level 2 and 3 UKPSA competitions, where we can see who worked through the Range Master reports. The cards will only be used to update NROI records with match points gained at registered UKPSA level 1 matches and any level 2 or 3 matches worked abroad as these points contribute to eligibility for attendance at CRO and RM seminars and for potential promotion.

With a clear remit to expand NROI numbers to support more UKPSA matches, the committee also agreed to amend the minimum entry requirements for RO training to improve access to new clubs and members. The new criteria is on the UKPSA website HERE.

The committee has also agreed to supply Range Conducting Officer identity cards for the limited number of NROI members who need physical proof to hire or operate ranges on behalf of their club. As most members don’t require a card the easiest way to do this is to provide an on demand service. So if you want an RCO card then please contact Jason Clarke the NROI Secretary at nroi@ukpsa.org

Working at international competitions brings a wealth of practical experience, which benefits the association and puts us in a good place as a region when bidding to host for level 4 and 5 IPSC events. We are committed to helping more experienced NROI members to progress to IROA membership, and so we have decided  to reduce barriers to entry, using the IROA membership application criteria as our benchmark.  If you meet the IROA entry criteria and would like to find out how you can join the ‘best of the best’ please get in touch with us at nroi@ukpsa.org or of course I’d be happy to have a chat with you at a match.

The competition calendar for 2024 is now starting to build up with more clubs hosting national and international level matches. Our match officials are of course vital to their success and I hope you can support the clubs to deliver a great competition season to our members.

Someone who will be eager to do this is I am sure is Alex Leung, the latest member to get qualified and join the NROI family. I wanted to welcome Alex and to congratulate Dave Peacock and Stephen Potts, who were selected to be part of the IROA World Shoot team in Thailand. It is great to see the new people supporting our matches and our experienced officials working at the highest level of the sport.

I look forward to working with you all in 2024 and seeing you on the range!

Take care and stay safe.

Martyn Spence, NROI President

On the range

New IPSC rules for 2024

As the new competition season gets into swing it is important to get up to date with changes in the IPSC rules which will apply to all UKPSA and IPSC matches. To help you I have added ‘marked up’ versions of the 2024 IPSC rules on the UKPSA Forum and you can also download a copy of them HERE.

There aren’t a lot of rule changes for 2024 but there were significant changes especially in Mini Rifle in 2023, where the discipline was more aligned to IPSC Rifle. The main changes were around the use of a single bipod with a maximum length and clarification about how Mini and Micros targets can be used in a course of fire.

We also saw the introduction of a standard ready position diagram for the Rifle, Shotgun and PCC disciplines.

It is now considered good practice at international matches to use this picture as part of your stage briefing  when you say ‘as demonstrated’.

If you are not sure about how any rule should be interpreted please do contact us at nroi@ukpsa.org with any questions.


NROI Merchandise

Want to look sharp on the range? From match official shirts and jackets, to beanie hats and bags a whole range of UKPSA NROI merchandise is available to NROI members to order online. Please note NROI branded items are only available to current NROI members.

We also have a stock of NROI Ball Caps which are available free. Please contact russell.hicks@ukpsa.org to arrange delivery.

Developing you and your Institute

The NROI committee is planning a series of training seminars for delivery in 2024, both for new officials and to support the development and promotion of our members.

If you are a UKPSA member and qualify for training as a Range Officer please contact us now and we will add you to our mailing list for upcoming seminars. Any clubs wanting to host a seminar are also very welcome to get in touch. Just email us at nroi@ukpsa.org

Want to progress as a match official?

Been an RO or CRO for a while and feel you have the necessary experience to move to the next level? Well we are currently planning the 2024 UKPSA level II (CRO) and level III (Range Master) seminars. To attend you need to be an experienced match official and you can find out more about eligibility on the UKPSA website. The seminars are free to members and the UKPSA will meet reasonable expenses for qualified people attending the training. To find out more and book a place contact nroi@ukpsa.org

Martyn Spence

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