Postal Leagues

The UKPSA Postal Leagues run throughout the year. One for winter and a second for the Summer months. They cover most IPSC disciplines shot in Great Britain. Shooters from all across the world may participate in our free to enter competitions.


Check out our Postal Leagues on SSI!


The Leagues are designed to get grass-root participation of Practical Shooting in your club environment, the dedicated UKPSA Postal League Team are:
Paul Wyborn – Action Air
Alan Wragg – Mini Rifle & Long Barrelled Firearms
Chris Wakefield – Shotgun Birdshot
Vanessa Duffy – Shotgun Slug

You can contact the Postal League Team using this form:

    Previous Leagues:

    2018 UKPSA Postal League Slug Round 2

    2018 UKPSA LBF R2 Pack

    2018 UKPSA Postal League Slug Round 1

    2018 UKPSA LBF R1

    2018 UKPSA ACtion Air R1 Stage Descriptions

    2017 UKPSA Winter Slug Postal League

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