Exciting times ahead for shooting enthusiasts! The much-anticipated UKPSA Summer Postal Leagues have officially launched and Round 1 is here. As we come together in the spirit of friendly competition, it’s time to get those gears ready and be part of an exhilarating journey.

This summer, we present to you four different categories in which you can participate:

  1. Shotgun Slug
    Test your precision and speed in the Shotgun Slug league. Let your skills shine and create unforgettable experiences.
    To sign up for Shotgun Slug, click here.
  2. Shotgun Birdshot
    The Shotgun Birdshot league is perfect for those who love the thrill of multiple targets. An excellent chance to showcase your target acquisition speed.
    Ready to take the challenge? Sign up here.
  3. Mini Rifle
    Put your marksmanship to the test in the Mini Rifle league. It’s a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your agility and precision.
    Don’t miss out on this exciting category. Enlist yourself here.
  4. Action Air
    A league that’s all about quick reflexes and flawless execution – the Action Air league. It’s time to show how swiftly you can adapt and execute.
    Ready to join the Action Air league? Register here.

Remember, these leagues aren’t just about winning, they’re about honing skills, challenging yourself, and most importantly, having a good time. So regardless of your skill level, join in and be part of the UKPSA Summer Postal Leagues. It’s time to shoot, score and make every second count!

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