A Glimpse into the Prestigious Event

The Shotgun World Shoot IV, held from November 30th to December 10th, 2023, at the THPSA range near Pattaya, Thailand, was an event of grandeur and intense competition. This Level 5 match, with its main events spanning from December 4th to 9th, brought together 24 top-tier athletes from Team GB, competing in various divisions both as teams and individuals. The primary goal was to coordinate these athletes, ensuring their peak physical and mental well-being as they prepared to face some of the world’s best shooters.

Team GB’s Journey to Pattaya

The GB squad embarked on their journey to Pattaya via Bangkok airport between November 26th and 29th. Upon arrival, they acclimatized to the local environment, balancing their time between the team hotel and the range. The squad utilized a nearby test range to adapt to the unique climate of Thailand, which posed challenges due to its high temperatures and humidity, especially impacting the performance of ammunition for the Open Division shooters.

Preparations and Ceremonial Beginnings

Ahead of the competition, equipment checks were meticulously arranged, with the International Range Officers Association (IROA) team rigorously inspecting the gear of competitors from around the world. This phase also allowed Team GB to observe stage setups and strategize their approach.The opening ceremony on December 3rd was a spectacle of cultural pride and camaraderie. Hosted by the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and THPSA, it featured a traditional procession, engaging speeches, and a variety of entertainment, including theater and sword fighting displays, culminating in a spectacular fireworks show.

The Intensity of Competition

The match rotations were split into early and late shifts, with each team tackling six stages per day. The early rotations were advantageous due to the cooler morning temperatures. Team GB navigated through the stages with increasing confidence, shaking off initial nerves and showcasing commendable performances. The event’s atmosphere was electric, with a bustling food and retail village adding to the excitement.

Team GB’s Stellar Performance

Throughout the event, Team GB’s skill and teamwork were on full display, culminating in a series of remarkable achievements that highlighted their prowess in the world of competitive shooting.

Robert Ramsay’s Triumph in the Junior Category: In the Standard Division for juniors, Robert Ramsay emerged as a formidable competitor, showcasing exceptional talent and precision. His outstanding performance throughout the event earned him the prestigious title of Junior World Champion, a testament to his dedication and skill in the sport.

Nick du Plessis – A Super Senior Champion: The Super Senior category in the Standard Division witnessed an extraordinary display of expertise by Nick du Plessis. His consistent and precise shooting led him to clinch the Gold Medal, crowning him as the Super Senior World Champion. This achievement not only reflected his individual skill but also underscored the depth of talent within Team GB.

Mike Siva-Jothy’s Silver Lining: In the same Super Senior category, Mike Siva-Jothy demonstrated remarkable prowess, securing the Silver Medal. His performance, marked by steadiness and accuracy, brought him close to the top, earning him the title of Super Senior runner-up World Champion. His success added another feather in the cap for Team GB, showcasing the team’s overall strength.

The Senior Team’s Collective Success: The Standard Division Senior Team, comprising Nick du Plessis, Mike Siva-Jothy, Kevin Strowger, and Gareth Cooper, displayed incredible teamwork and coordination. Their collective efforts and strategic shooting earned them a well-deserved Silver Medal. This achievement was a reflection of their collaborative spirit and the high level of training and preparation they underwent as a team.

Bronze Medals for Team Resilience: The Standard Manual Division Senior Team, featuring Robert Brittain, Conor Kenneally, and Mick Flatley, along with the Standard Ladies Team, including Sharon Sell and Vanessa Duffy, each secured Bronze Medals in their respective categories. These medals were not just awards but symbols of resilience, hard work, and the competitive spirit that each member of Team GB brought to the event. Their performances were a showcase of not just individual talent but also the collective strength and unity of the team.

The achievements of Team GB at the Shotgun World Shoot IV were a testament to their dedication, skill, and the spirit of excellence that they brought to the international stage. Each medal and each performance resonated with the commitment and passion that defines the world of competitive shooting.

A Celebratory Conclusion

The closing ceremony, held at the magnificent Nongnooch Gardens, was a fitting end to this prestigious event. Team GB was at the forefront throughout the evening, basking in the glory of their achievements and the overall festive atmosphere that celebrated the spirit of sportsmanship and the accomplishments of all participants.

I wish them all the best, and look forward to the future and what the UKPSA can bring to the next World Shoot,


Gareth Cooper
Shotgun National Squad Director

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