Hello everyone, I want to update you on the progress so far organising and planning the UKPSA entry for the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot IV (SWS4) in Thailand November 2023.

As we know, committing to an event on the world stage such as this everything needs to be in place well ahead of the match, including our athletes (including training regime & team allocation), Team GB shirts/uniforms, travel, accommodation, permits and of course ammo. There are also many other things to consider involved with match slots, entry fees, code of conduct etc.

A number of supporters of the UK practical shooting scene have stepped in with offers of donations ranging from discounted equipment to training facilities and help with logistics. I am truly grateful for all the support and enthusiasm in getting us in good shape.

One of the key challenges is ammunition, we are working with UK manufacturers and RFD’s who are helping land the best solution for everyone, keeping in mind what may work in one gun may not in another, along with patterning and personal preference. One option is to use ammo sourced in Thailand and as mentioned by Conor Kenneally from his recent Thai Nationals match, there was a ‘match package’ made available to all competitors of bird, buck and slug. Currently there is no one-size-fits-all solution and I’m not expecting one so please bear with us while we try to resolve options. 

I also appreciate that budget may be a deciding factor, more details will be coming through once I have confirmed options through a travel broker and alternatives for those who prefer to sort out their own arrangements. Early estimates suggest that the end to end costs won’t be too much more than the France World Shoot.

If you are yet to express interest I would encourage you to register, once we have allocated slots and a finalised list of approved competitors I would hate for you to miss out as I can’t make any assumptions. Anyone who has already registered interest will be invited to a private WhatsApp group but this is not a guarantee of selection, which is subject to sign off by the Regional Director.

If you have any questions, to register or new offers of support, please email shotgunnsd@ukpsa.org 



Gareth Cooper

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