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It has been many months since my last update, with our sport, like a lot of things in life, pretty much closed down by the covid-19 pandemic. Certainly, it looks like restrictions while reducing in severity are going to be with use in some form for the foreseeable future.

Last weekend the good people of Worcester Norton successfully hosted our first match for many months and I particularly wanted to recognise the work of the Range Master Russ Hicks and his crew in delivering what by all accounts was a great competition.

There are a small number of UKPSA matches still scheduled for 2020 and I wanted to personally thank the match directors and their Range Master and crew – I know it isn’t easy given the covid-19 restrictions and I’m proud of the work NROI members are doing to provide these matches for our members. NROI members can of course also work at IPSC events overseas – you just need to get the sign off from our Regional Director in advance – and I am sure hard-pressed Match Directors will be happy for the assistance.

Personally like many others I have been shielding a loved one and so my planned international matches and UK events in 2020 have been cancelled. Instead, I have been busy working with UKPSA volunteers to produce and update the Covid-19 advice for our clubs and have been working with IROA President and Vice President to produce new manuals for use from 2021. So keeping busy!

Don’t forget that if you’re worried about getting ‘rules rusty’ there is the Let’s Talk IPSC page on Facebook which often features rules related questions to test your ability on applying the IPSC rules.

Like so many of you, I am now looking forward eagerly to 2021 and a new competition year and of course hoping we soon have a covid-19 vaccine so that life can return to a semblance of normal!

Lessons from the line

 Face coverings and Face Shields

The UKPSA covid-19 advice requires match officials ROs to wear a face covering while RO’ing a shooter at a match given they will be less than 2 metres away.

Given the need to give commands the UKPSA recommend a face shield rather than a mask, but experience suggests testing a variety of models as some (when combined with ear defenders) are more comfortable than others when worn for extended periods.

Preparing a match during the Covid-19 pandemic

A risk assessment template has been developed to help clubs to plan and prepare for competitions while covid-19 restrictions remain in place. It is based on one used successfully by Worcester Norton for their recent match and has been designed to be adaptable to help you assess the specific risks for your club layout and match plan. If you would like a copy please contact me at NROI@UKPSA.org

Developing your Institute

 Level 1 IROA/NROI seminar series still postponed

Unfortunately, we still cannot resume the NROI/IROA seminars but are exploring options that may allow these to be delivered with social distancing.

If you are an experienced official with 28 or more match points and would like to register your interest for a future IROA level 2 seminar please do get in touch with me at NROI@ukpsa.org

NROI Chairman

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