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For me, the end of the competition year is always a time for reflection. Like many of you, I think about the highs and  lows of the matches I shot and worked, and I also think about where I could have done better. Needless to say, there weren’t many opportunities for reflection in 2020!

In this update there is an interim report from Dave Peacock on our Shot Timer Project and as well as completing this in early 2021, we’ll be moving all the NROI records and maintenance online as part of an update to the UKPSA membership system. So soon NROI members will be able to see their qualifications and enter all the matches they work directly onto their own UKPSA record.

We will also be rolling out our new NROI clothing next year with red NROI caps just going into production. We also have a new red NROI shell jacket available and these along with the caps and red shirts will really help our match officials stand out on the range.

2020 marks my 30th anniversary as an IROA member, so not surprisingly I have been thinking about the past. I was recently sent a picture from the 1994 South American Cup in Buenos Aires and it brought back many memories of the founding fathers of IROA. It features many of  the travelling band of ‘grey shirts’  who often built and ran these global events. Last year I was back in Argentina for their latest level 4 match and it was hosted on the same spectacular range in the centre of Buenos Aires. Sadly, few now remain of those ‘band of brothers’ but their legacy is contained in our work and our commitment to delivering the best IPSC competitions to our members. So now the focus is on the future.

To great matches, to new experiences and to meeting friends old and new. Bring on 2021!

I’d like to wish you all a happy and festive Christmas and a happy new year.

Take care and stay safe.

Martyn Spence, NROI Chairman

Lessons from the line

NROI Shot Timer Project

Dave Peacock is leading an NROI project to look at the available shot timers with a view to identifying the best models for use by UKPSA members. Below is an interim report for your information. The full report and recommendations from the NROI will be available early in the new year so you may want to hold off any gifts from Santa until this is ready.

Timing is everything! – Dave Peacock

Timers are expensive so as ROs we tend to make do with one. Most of us bought the model we use because either it was the easiest to obtain here or we were recommended it by somebody else and not because there are shops filled with timers that we can check out and test for ourselves.

The intention of this project is to compare and contrast three of the most popular and commonly available timers used by UK ROs and one relative newcomer (M1A2). From a recent survey of experienced ROs from the UK and around the world I have identified the brands of timers used and the most popular model. I had intended to test a few more but they were either too expensive, unavailable or were deemed by many that have tried them to be not suitable.

The goal is to discover the pros and cons of each and ascertain if any are clearly better for different IPSC disciplines or if one turns out to be the Goldilocks of timers, given the problems we sometimes face timing Action Air and Mini Rifle .22.

All the timers in this review have the normal functions expected from a Practical shooting timer such as shot times, split times, shot numbers, review, PAR times, etc. So this project concentrates on the timer’s practicality and the performance required by a RO rather than the features that shooters want such as delayed start or ‘spy mode’, etc.

The most popular current model in the survey turned out to be, unsurprisingly, the CED7000. This Chinese made timer is the easiest to source in the UK and Europe due to it being marketed by the well-known Dutch company Double-Alpha Academy. However, it was also the most expensive of the models reviewed. We found that some of the American timers were available from UK suppliers but at a price much higher (almost £200) than could be achieved by ordering it directly from the manufacturer and paying the import duty and taxes.

The survey identified the four features that ROs most valued. And these were:

  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Size of display
  • Cost


CED 7000 Shot Timer – Competition Electronics


  • Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Smallest of the timers reviewed but comparatively small screen and buttons
  • Back lit LCD display
  • Date and time display, including alarm clock feature
  • Memorize: up to ten shot strings and an endless number of individual shots
  • Includes a wrist and neck lanyard and a rechargeable battery and charger
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not water resistant.


Pro Timer II  Competition Electronics


  • Powered by one 9-volt battery for approx. 20 hours of use, easy replacement
  • Memorize: Up to 99 shots
  • 3 configurations of display Automatic power down after 10 minutes
  • Large screen and buttons. (Largest timer reviewed)
  • Backlight screen
  • 2-year warranty
  • Not water resistant.


M1A2/M1A2-W – Guangdong Special Pie Technology Ltd


  • Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Connects wirelessly to a LED display or AA target and stop plates within 50 meters
  • 8 sensitivity levels. 1=SG and 8=AA/12 noise filter levels
  • Displays time up to 199.99 seconds and review up 20 strings of 99 shots with split times and number of shots. Backlight screen
  • The official timer at the Airsoft WS1 in Hong Kong
  • 1-year warranty
  • IP4 Water resistant (Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction)


Speed-Timer 3000 – R. U. READY Electronics Ltd.


  • Powered by one 9-volt battery. Auto power down after 10 mins.
  • Memorize: Up to 99 shots.
  • Shot Times, Split Times, Shot Numbers and review of the last 60 shots
  • Features: 3 configurations of display.
  • No backlight screen
  • Change of sensitivity level requires a screwdriver.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not water resistant

New look NROI – not just red shirts but now red jackets!

Ready for the 2021 season we have sourced a high quality NROI shell jacket. If they would like a jacket NROI members need to order one from the UKPSA Shop shop@ukpsa.org by 31st January 2021.

N.B. These jackets are only available to fully qualified, current NROI members.


Electronic Scoring System (ESS) Roll-out – volunteer needed!

We are looking for a UKPSA member who can help us with the roll-out of the new IPSC ESS and the mobile WIFI system at national matches in 2021. They don’t need to be a match official but do need to be an experienced competitor with a good understanding of scoring. This will involve learning about the system and then supporting the installation, match set up and providing training and technical support at the matches. We can help with expenses and the person would be treated as part of the range crew for the matches.

If you or someone you know has the technical skills and can commit to attending the UKPSA level 3 matches in 2021 please can you contact me at nroi@ukpsa.com

Developing your Institute

Urgent – NROI members update your UKPSA membership record now!

The membership system is currently being updated, but we need to ensure all NROI members have access. NROI members need to make sure NOW that they can access their record on the membership system at https://ukpsa.azolve.com/

When you have accessed your record please check and update your personal details. Make sure your e-mail is correct as we will use this e-mail going forward to contact you. Please can members also ensure they have a suitable picture of themsleves uploaded as this will be used for their NROI/RCO card. No picture = no card!

When you get to the login page your username is either your UKPSA membership number OR your email address.

If you cannot remember your password do not worry. Simply press Forgot Password and you should be able to reset it.

 If you have any problems accessing the system, please can you let me know at nroi@ukpsa.org

New ways of delivering IROA/NROI seminars

A huge amount of work has gone into re-shaping level 1 RO training for online delivery and the first trial seminar will be delivered from mid-January 2021. I’d really like to thank Steff Davies as well as Dave Peacock for all their help getting this off the ground. The classroom aspects of the new level 1 seminar will be delivered through three online modules which will be followed by a full day of hands-on training and assessment once ranges are accessible.

NROI Chairman

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