As we near the end of the year, I would like to update you on the progress and future plans for our Postal Leagues. Since stepping into the role of Postal League Coordinator earlier this year, we’ve encountered both challenges and achievements, which have guided us toward establishing a more streamlined approach for the future.

Reflection on the Summer and Winter Postal Leagues

The Summer Postal League has concluded, and I am grateful for the patience and adaptability shown by all involved. We extended deadlines to accommodate the unforeseen delay in this year’s schedule, and your understanding has been invaluable. The Winter Postal League is set to be announced, continuing with the UKPSA 100 format. Details and scoring will again be facilitated through Shootnscoreit, reflecting our ongoing commitment to improving your experience.

Streamlining for Success

We’ve learned from this year and have put in place a more systematic process for the summer leagues to ensure efficiency and punctuality in the coming years. This process will enable us to publish all stages in a timely manner, making full use of the Shootnscoreit platform for an organized scoring experience.

Invitation for Collaborative Stage Design

As we continue to develop our leagues, we invite members who are interested in stage design to contribute to their development. Your input will be a valuable asset to the heads of commission and national squad directors. To join this collaborative effort, please reach out to us at Your involvement will help enhance the diversity and challenge of our stages.

Anticipating the New Drill-Based League

Looking ahead to 2024, we are introducing a new drill-based league to provide practical training tools for all levels of marksmanship. This initiative aims to enhance our members’ skills and foster a sense of community through shared practice and improvement.

As we wrap up this year, we do so with an eye towards further refining our leagues. Your ongoing participation and enthusiasm for the sport are what drive the success of the UKPSA Postal Leagues. I am thankful for your support and look forward to what we can achieve together in the coming year.

Best wishes for a successful end to the year and an even more fruitful new year.


Postal League Coordinator

Media Officer

Aryan Alipour

Has the responsibility of generating and managing both internal and external facing media content alongside other external engagements.

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