It is with great delight that we are able to announce that the UKPSA now has inter regional agreements for members to be able to train and take safety courses in those firearms restricted to us in Britain.
We now have three regions where we have the chance of taking safety courses and training in Handgun, PCC (Pistol Calibre Carbines) and Centre Fire Rifle, these are;
Northern Ireland. Handgun only
Poland. Handgun, PCC, Centre Fire Rifle.
Czech Republic. Handgun, PCC, Centre Fire Rifle
More information will be released in due course so keep watching but you can always register your interest in any training or safety courses by contacting the head of training, Conners Christophi, at
For this rather wonderful chance to improve the skills of UKPSA members hoping to compete abroad we must thank our Regional Director Kevin Strowger, Handgun Secretary Clive Gamlin, Chair of NROI Richard Clifton, Head of Handgun Commission Justin Cooper as well as Simon Tobias.
We must also give special thanks to the Regional Director of Czech Republic Martin Novotny.
The Regional Director of Poland Rafal Podja.
And the Regional Director of Northern Ireland Geoffrey Mcbride
Without their kind cooperation none of this would be possible.

Gary Dyer

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