Three clubs, CSAC, GSAC & Recoil have got together to put on a series of IPSC Level 1 Tournament matches over the coming winter. Open to all practical shooters wanting to shoot some fun stages during these dark winter months.

This gives you an opportunity to shoot more than one discipline and doubles or trebles the fun of a club match. Still welcome to join is if don’t want to shoot all the disciplines.

What’s on offer.

Saturday 10th December 2022, The Galloway Challenge, hosted by Galloway Small Arms Club. The Tournament consists of 5 Shotgun birdshot stages and 5 Mini Rifle Stages. Limited to 30 competitors. This match is also GSAC’s Christmas Practical Match.

Sign up via SSI Galloway Challenge & Christmas Match (

Sunday 8th January 2023, The Carlisle Challenge, hosted by Carlisle Small Arms Club. This is a three-gun tournament consisting of 4 Shotgun stages, 4 Mini Rifle and 4 Action Air. Limited to 30 competitors. Shoot, 1, 2 or all three elements of the Tournament.

Sign up via SSI Carlisle Challenge (

Saturday 18th February 2023, The Shotts Challenge, hosted by Recoil Scotland.  Back to a two gun tournament, this time Shotgun and Action Air.

Sign Up via SSI Shotts Challenge (

Gun Divisions.

There will be two divisions in each match.  Standard or Open.  Basically, if you shoot standard with all your firearms (Includes standard manual in shotgun) then you are standard. If you shoot any one gun within a match other than standard, then you are Open.

Each match will recognise the winners, but we will also award Series Winners in the two divisions and categories.  By entering two or all three matches you are automatically entered into the Tournament Series.


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