The Amateur Sport of Practical Shooting and Dynamic Marksmanship

Following on from the positive membership vote, by our members, at the AGM in January this year, the UKPSA council have some very good news!

The Charity Commission has approved the request to vary the charitable objects of the association to include the advancement of amateur sport.

With immediate effect the charitable objects of the association shall now include:

The advancement of the amateur sport of Practical Shooting and Dynamic Marksmanship for the public benefit by:

a) promoting public participation, practice and development in the sport; and

b) the provision of instruction in the sport, including in the safe use of firearms.

The full constitution is available on our website

This change has come through the hard work and extended efforts of a number of people, we would particularly like to thank:

• Richard Clifton, Chair of the Training Committee for the UKPSA.
• Kita Busse of 180 Firearms training (Dynamic movement specialist).
• Karin Tara Peer of Mindsights (sports Psychology expert).
• Rupert Stanley, our Treasurer, and a Trustee.

I would encourage any member looking to advance their shooting to contact the supporting specialist coaches who wrote technical papers to support our request.

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