The new selection criteria for the upcoming Mini Rifle World Championship is now available below. Please get in contact with for any queries related to the selection process.

General selection criteria:

A performance table for those who have expressed a desire to be considered for the mini rifle world shoot in May 2025 will be used. Individuals will be allocated 3 points for each UKPSA level 3 mini rifle match attended in 2022 and 2023. The results will create a league table in order of highest accrued points and aggregate match percentage.

As 2024 progresses all IPSC registered mini rifle level 2 and level 3 matches attended will be monitored and results will be factored into the league table, so there may be changes. For example where disqualifications at qualifying matches happen or individual performance or attitude changes.

Once we know how many places we will be allocated as a Region competitors will be offered places in order of match attendance and overall performance.

Team selection:

I am very keen to provisionally select teams by the end of March as I would like those teams to start working and competing together through 2024. There is considerable evidence that talented competitors who work and train together in good time out perform talented competitors who form a team close to an event.

Provisional team places will be allocated based on the league table looking to achieve the very best chance of securing the highest team placings possible.

For team selection, attendance at an international level 2 or level 3 mini rifle match in 2024 will be seen as a supporting factor for those who qualify, balanced against their performance at that match.

Competitor conduct and safety at qualifying match’s including any disqualifications will be factored.

Additional criteria (If needed) for individual places:

Where there is a need to differentiate between match attendance points, aggregate match scores and the number of individual places allocated to us as a region then the following additional criteria may be applied:

Each international level 2 or level 3 mini rifle match attended in 2024 = 1 point

Overlaid on the above criteria will be good standing in terms of general conduct. This will also be conditional on agreeing to sign, and abide by a UKPSA mini rifle World Shoot competitor contract. The contract will include the wearing of UKPSA uniform and appearance / inclusion in all UKPSA media.

For clarity, to qualify for a team slot, attendance at an international match in 2024 is recommended. To qualify for an individual slot attendance at an international match in 2023 or 2024 will only come into play if there are more qualifying individuals than available slots.

The number of teams and individual slots will be dependent on the places we are allocated as a region.

If you wish to be considered for the mini rifle World Shoot in May 2025 then please contact Lee Hopgood the MR National Squad Director (

I wish you all the very best of luck for 2024 and look forward to seeing you on the range.


Lee Hopgood
Mini Rifle
National Squad Director

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