In a significant development for the shooting community, members of the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) have emerged as key influencers in the ongoing consultation regarding the use of lead in ammunition. This post delves into the crucial role played by UKPSA members and the wider shooting community in this pivotal discussion.

The Consultation and Community Response

The consultation, initiated by UK REACH, has seen an overwhelming response from the shooting community. With over 8000 responses, the participation level was unprecedented, highlighting the community’s commitment to their rights and interests.

Impact of UKPSA and Community Involvement

UKPSA’s leadership in rallying the shooting community has not gone unnoticed. UK REACH acknowledged the substantial impact of this involvement, which played a pivotal role in shaping the dialogue around the proposed restrictions.

Role of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now faces the significant task of thoroughly reviewing the feedback. This process is vital to ensure that the voices of UKPSA members and the shooting community are given due consideration in the Social Economic Analysis (SEA).

Timeline Revision and Future Updates

The substantial input from the shooting community has prompted a revision in the consultation’s timeline. UK REACH is set to provide updates soon, including a new schedule and the expected date for the final SEA opinion.

The Role of Policy Leads

In the forthcoming stages, communication with key policy leads such as Defra and the governments of Scotland and Wales will be prioritized, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive policymaking process.

The proactive and unified response by the UKPSA and the shooting community has been instrumental in shaping the course of the consultation. This involvement stands as a testament to the power of dedicated groups and individuals in influencing decisions that impact their passions and professions.

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