Check your shotgun division – before the first championship match!

There has been a lot of firearm innovation in recent times. This is great to see and is what drives our sport forward, but any changes still need to comply with the divisions in the IPSC rules.

The UKPSA National Range Officers Institute wanted to make sure you know about how any modifications or additions to your gun will impact on your division, before the first level 3 IPSC match of the year, so has answered some recently asked questions.

When can I use a telescopic magazine tube?

These nifty new devices can increase your magazine capacity and you can use them in Standard and Standard Manual as there is no limit on overall gun length. Don’t forget though – if you inadvertently load more than 9 rounds at the start you will be shooting for no score as there will be no division to move to unless you meet the test of overall length in Modified and Open. If used in Modified or Open the whole gun must fit in the box (maximum length 1320mm) with the magazine tube FULLY EXTENDED. If they don’t fit the box, then you will be shooting for no score

Weak Hand Racking Lever

A gun which has been significantly modified to change its basic operation/function from the original factory like those with a weak hand racking lever (see example) are clearly not as issued by the factory and would be classified as a prototype. This means they can’t be used in Standard or Standard Manual. They can be used of course in Modified or Open division but must pass all the normal tests for these divisions.

Can I use Auto Loaders in Standard or Standard Manual division?

These changes which autoload the first round in the chamber are OK for use in Standard and Standard Manual, if they only require replacement or modification of the elevator/floor plate and don’t protrude beyond the standard frame of the gun (see Appendix D. 20)

Benelli M3 – can it be used Standard Manual?

A Benelli M3 as a factory manufactured selective action gun, so cannot be used in Standard Manual division (see Appendix D. 22 which states the allowed action types). It can be used in Standard, Modified or Open Division, if the gun as presented meets the appropriate division requirements.

Can I fit a sound suppressor to my Standard or Standard Manual Gun?


Sorry this is specifically not permitted in the rules. They can be used in Modified or Open if all other division requirements like overall gun length are met.

Remember check your gun and if in doubt ask the Range Master before you shoot. We want you to enjoy your match and make sure you compete in your intended division.


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