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Well it has been a while since the last update – not surprising really given we have all been locked down and in the depths of winter. But now the days are getting longer, the daffodils are bursting forth and spring has well and truly sprung.

After the dark days of 2020 and a covid winter, the UKPSA clubs have also awoken, and we have a bumper crop of matches at venues old and new planned for 2021. Harlow, Carlisle, Crocketford and North Cotes, are all putting on a fine range of matches. And these stalwarts of our sport have been joined by new venues in the Midlands, South East and Wales, all eager to offer great matches to UKPSA members.

So as match officials we can look forward (thanks to our NHS and some frankly brilliant scientists) to a bumper year of IPSC shooting in Great Britain. Now is the time to dust of your kit, get out your rule books and to get in touch with the Match Directors to secure your place at matches in 2021. And of course I would urge people to get their jab when available and apply any covid-safe procedures required by the government to keep both you and our competitors safe.

Keen to get going? Then the wonderful people at Harlow is looking for qualified ROs to work at the Southern Area Shotgun Championships in late May. If you would like to volunteer, contact the Range Master Ken Trail or the Match Director Gary Dyer.

I am particularly pleased to see that one of our new (or old if you count practical pistol) venues will be hosting our first Mini Rifle championship of 2021 at Basildon in July. I am proud to return as the Range Master and if you would like to volunteer to work this match with me please do get in touch to find out more and reserve your place

Another change this year is that three new people are joining the NROI Committee. This band of volunteers now includes Russ Hicks, Milan Koria and Dave Peacock who join existing members, Bob Chittleborough,  Neil Beverley, Ken Trail, David Joy, Kevin Strowger and me to make up the committee for 2021.

Lessons from the line

When is a start position not a start position? When it isn’t as demonstrated!

An important part of our role as match officials is to make sure all competitors compete equally from the start signal.

Some ROs have been in touch to ask about what to do with competitors who want to adopt a slightly different start position. Examples included with the body facing one way but the head turned towards a target at 90 degrees or seated but not as required i.e. with their back against the back of the chair.

The answer is simple and is laid out in the IPSC rules. Rule 3.2.2 requires the RO to visually demonstrate the required start position during the stage briefing, and this is the only acceptable start position. Rule 8.3.1 requires the competitor to adopt the start position that has been demonstrated. So if someone is in the wrong start position do not start them. Instead politely point out the position required again and ask them to adopt the correct start position as demonstrated.

New NROI shirts now available

Put on a little lockdown weight or really slimmed down after all that healthy exercise with Joe Wicks and the kids?

Then why not get one of our excellent new NROI ‘red’ shirts. Priced at £30 including personalisation and designed extra-long with ROs in mind (all that bending down!) we try to get these produced as a batch to get the best price.

So if you would like a new shirt please do get in touch with dave.smith@ukpsa.org at the UKPSA shop as soon as possible to put your order in.

IPSC Executive Council – rule evaluation for 2021 – new target options

The IPSC Executive has approved the trial use of the IPSC Micro Target for 2021 in Action Air, Pistol Caliber Carbine and Rifle to simulate distance.

This is to evaluate whether these targets should be adopted for these disciplines in the future and applies only to matches up to IPSC level 3.

So some new course design options for 2021 to really test the competitor’s accuracy!



New IROA Chronograph Manual

Written by an experienced IROA Range Master and with input from match officials across the world, a comprehensive new IROA Chronograph Manual has been introduced and has been adopted for use in Great Britain as best practice by the UKPSA NROI.

If you are planning to use a chronograph at your match, this new manual available on the UKPSA website clearly lays out how it must be set up and used.

Developing your Institute

As you will be aware from past updates we have put a lot of effort into moving NROI training online, making it cheaper and more accessible for UKPSA members.

Level 1 Range Officer Seminar

Our first online level 1 seminar in January proved a great success with all students scoring high marks and progressing to the new practical day where we demonstrate best practice and provide hands on training and assessment. Our next seminar begins again this month and I am pleased to report is already a sell-out.

We are now taking bookings from qualifying UKPSA members for the next seminar in October.

IROA/NROI Level 2 Seminar – April 2021

I will be teaching the level 2 (CRO) seminar online to qualified and experienced NROI members starting on 3rd April. The plan is for the seminar to be delivered over three consecutive Saturdays.

UKPSA range officers with a minimum of 28 match points since appointment (with 22 gained at level 2 or higher matches) who would like to take part can register HERE

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