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Well the weather was kind to us last weekend – mainly sun with just a few spots of rain to cool us down – for the first UKPSA level 1 match of the year (and post-lockdown) at Carlisle Small Arms Club. It was great to see friends, old and new, and to blow out the cobwebs from our guns and timers! Everyone was a little rusty after such a long time away from the range but with a few competitors run through a stage, the ROs got back into the swing pretty quickly. Personally, I just need to work out how to use all the features on my new shot timer now…

Talking about competitions I just wanted to say a very well done to Vanessa Duffy. A stalwart NROI member and veteran Match Director, Vanessa never fails to put on a good event and this year she is organising an amazing array of matches for the UKPSA in all the IPSC/UKPSA disciplines. In addition she recently delivered a very good online tutorial for electronic scoring using Practiscore (more about that below).

With luck and the final lifting of covid-19 restrictions we should see a vibrant British competition season this year. The first level 2 match, the Hadrian is at the end of May and after that we have the first level 3 match, the Scottish championships at Crocketford in June. The UKPSA competition calendar then starts to get really crowded, so now is a good time to get in touch with the Match Director or Range Master to see if you can help out.

As I mentioned last time, Basildon Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting in July the first UKPSA Mini Rifle championship of 2021. The match, consisting of 12 stages shot and over four ranges, will need plenty of crew especially for the main match on the Sunday. I will be the Range Master and if you would like to RO please do get in touch with me.

If you work long barrelled pistol events then you should note that the UKPSA Council has agreed some changes to Standard Division that will apply to this competition year (see below). This decision was supported by active UKPSA Standard Division competitors many of whom use LBP as preparation for shooting full-bore IPSC handgun competitions abroad as well as shooting in UKPSA competitions.

The expanded NROI committee has helped us develop and expand our work. Milan Koria is on a UKPSA working group looking at promoting Action Air, and David Joy is working with Regional Organisers. Dave Peacock is supporting the new online training programmes as well helping with NROI admin as the new NROI Secretary. Neil Beverley and Bob Chittleborough both continue their highly valued work with IPSC and I continue to work with IROA on new Equipment Check Manuals and match official training. All of this is on top of working as match officials at UKPSA and international events of course. So plenty to keep us busy!

Lessons from the line

 Amendments to the UKPSA LBP Rules for the 2021 Season

 After consultation with active LBP members the UKPSA Council recently approved a change to LBP Standard Division that allows magazines up to a maximum loaded capacity of 15 rounds. The amended UKPSA competition rules are available here on the UKPSA website.

New NROI shirts now available (for UKPSA MATCH OFFICIALS ONLY)

Put on a little lockdown weight or really slimmed down after all that healthy exercise? Then why not get one of our excellent new NROI ‘red’ shirts. Priced at £25 including personalisation and designed extra-long with ROs in mind (all that bending down!) we try to get these produced as a batch to get the best price. So if you would like a new shirt please do get in touch with dave.smith@ukpsa.org at the UKPSA shop as soon as possible to put your order in.

IPSC Executive – rule variation for 2021 – new target options

More advice on how to use the IPSC Micro Target together with other targets in Action Air, PCC and Rifle competitions is on its way from IPSC. We will update you as we know more!

Developing your Institute

Getting to grips with Practiscore/Electronic Scoring

NROI member Vanessa Duffy recently delivered an excellent online seminar on how to set up and use Practiscore for IPSC matches. The 90 minute seminar covered everything, from how to set up a match, to practical sessions on scoring and syncing tablets and how to produce the final match results. Vanessa  would be pleased to run the seminar again and it is open to any UKPSA member or club. Want to attend? Then get in touch with me at NROI@UKPSA.org

New ways of delivering IROA/NROI seminars

I am pleased to say that we now have 15 UKPSA members who have passed the new online level 1 seminar and who are booked to complete their formal training at practical days this month when our ranges open up again.

For anyone interested in training to be a UKPSA match official we are now taking bookings from qualifying UKPSA members for the next seminar in October 2021.

IROA Level 2 Shotgun Seminar

In April NROI instructors Martyn Spence and Dave Peacock put seven experienced IPSC officials through the first ever IROA level 2 shotgun seminar delivered online. Those attending included IPSC members from France and Northern Ireland as well as Great Britain. I am pleased to say that everyone passed with flying colours.


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