Dear Members,

A few days ago the UKPSA received the formal slot allocation from the IPSC Secretary, for the GB Region.

This initial allocation is based on a ratio calculation driven by the number of members averaged across the previous three years. This resulted in an offer of 14 slots in Round 1.

The IPSC standard approach is to have a second and third round of allocations, based on requests for more and also requests for less, the latter freeing up more available slots for fair distribution. There are 864 slots in total, just for clarity the hosts do have the choice of up to 50 of those as a discretionary allowance.

I want to be absolutely clear that of the 38 nominees I have only issued out an initial 14 slots as have been allocated to us for now, without favouritism or bias. It is possible for everyone to pay a deposit in the system, however I took the decision to hold off setting expectations for all in case we didn’t get the full 38 and then have to reverse decisions. I can see this has caused some undue noise and for that I apologise if there has been a lack of clarification behind the rationale.

Moving forward, the next round of slots we are allocated will be again distributed to the registered nominees and hopefully will cover most if not all. The third round is also there for us to utilise should there still be anyone in need.

For transparency, here are the nominees and who have received the first batch of slots.

  • Open (General)
    • Ben Ducker
    • Heng Fan
    • Sam Crane
    • Graham Guest
  • Standard (General)
    • Colin Beattie
    • Josh Kenny
    • Callum Long-Collins
    • Ben Fabian
  • Standard (SS) 
    • Nick du Plessis
    • Mike Siva-Jothy
    • Dave Smith
  • Std Manual (Senior)
    • Rob Brittain
    • Conor Keneally
    • Mick Flatley

Further slots to be issued, in no particular order or whether Team/Individual:

  • Rupert Stanley
  • Dave Dowding
  • Kevin Strowger
  • Darren Hopley
  • Conners Christophi
  • Matt Liddy
  • Dominic Fung
  • Alec Blower
  • Rob Willis
  • James Williamson
  • Dan North
  • Eddie Nicorici
  • Adam Rowsell
  • Paul Courtney
  • Lucius Hilger-Ellis
  • Moe Willis
  • Rigby Willis
  • Aiden Kelly
  • Robert Ramsay
  • Amy Sell
  • Sharon Sell
  • Wendy Thomas
  • Vanessa Duffy

Thanks for taking the time to read the above and I hope it clarifies but also demonstrates the dilemma on ensuring everyone who has expressed interest has an opportunity.

Assuring you of my best intentions at all times.


Gareth Cooper

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