Pattaya Practical Range, Thailand

Dear Members,

Shotgun World Shoot IV takes place on 28th November in Pattaya, Thailand. In advance of this as Shotgun National Squad Director I would like to announce the nominees for representing Great Britain. Each nominee will formally be notified of their status within Team GB selection for the record.

The Teams will be determined by the selection criteria set out in 2022 and further aligned with the initial available slots (when issued) and any subsequent additional slots as approved by the UKPSA Council. The final selection will be based on the total number of slots matched to the most eligible athletes who will go forward to represent their discipline and ultimately Great Britain.

It is therefore my privilege to share the list of nominated Team GB athletes by discipline, in no particular order, as follows:


Junior: Amy Sell (L), Aidan Kelly, Robert Ramsay, Mo Willis, Rigby Willis

General: Colin Beattie, Ben Fabian, Josh Kenny, Callum Long-Collins, Rob Willis, Sharon Sell (L), Wendy Thomas (L), Caroline Askew (L).

Senior: Kevin Strowger, Richard Burton, Darren Hopley

Super Senior: Nick du Plessis, Mike Siva-Jothy, Dave Smith, Gareth Cooper, Vanessa Duffy (L).


General: Dan North, James Williamson

Senior: Rupert Stanley, Dave Dowding

Standard Manual

General: Alec Blower, Constantine Christophi, Matt Liddy, Lucius Hilger-Ellis, Dominic Fung

Senior: Robert Brittain, Conor Keneally, Mick Flatley



General: Ben Ducker, Heng Fan, Sam Crane, Ed Nicorici, Adam Rowsell

Senior: Graham Guest, Paul Courtney

I will update the membership after our squad has been matched to the final number of slots, this is anticipated sometime in April but I will post as soon as the information is available.

I hope you can appreciate that offering slots on an unknown quantity basis is a risk and therefore my decision on the above stands.

If you have any questions please send an email in the first instance to

Thank you,

Gareth – Shotgun NSD

Gareth Cooper

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