The UKPSA (United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association) is thrilled to announce the final selection of its 24 participants for the first ever shotgun world shoot to be held outside of Europe. This unprecedented event underscores the commitment and dedication of our squad members, who are geared up to journey halfway across the globe to compete against the best in the exhilarating sport of practical shooting.

A Glance at the Venue and Event

This grand event will take place a mere 30 minutes to the east of Pattaya resort, a renowned destination known for its vibrant beaches and nightlife. It is the domicile of the Thailand Practical Shooting Association, which hosted the memorable handgun world shoot in 2022.

In line with the traditions of a Level 5 IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) match, participants will be tested across 30 challenging stages spanning 5 days. The event will be dotted with an opening and closing ceremony, a thrilling shoot-off, culminating in a grand banquet and prize distribution ceremony.

Team Composition and Scoring

The UKPSA squad members have been divided into specific teams based on their division and category. Moreover, each participant will also be scored individually based on their age category, ranging from Junior to Super Senior.

The following are the squad teams and individuals:

  • Standard Team:
    • Lucius Hilger Ellis
    • Ben Fabien
    • Colin Beattie
  • Standard Senior Team:
    • Nick du Plessis
    • Michael Siva Jothy
    • Gareth Cooper
    • Kevin Strowger
  • Open Team:
    • Heng fan
    • Benjamin Ducker
    • Graham Guest
    • Sam Crane
  • Standard Manual Team:
    • Alec Blower
    • Matthew Liddy
    • Dominic Fung
  • Standard Manual Senior Team:
    • Robert Brittain
    • Conor Kenneally
    • Michael Flatley
  • Standard Ladies Team:
    • Vanessa Duffy
    • Sharon Sell
    • Amy Sell
  • Standard Junior:
    • Robert Ramsay
  • Individual Competitors:
    • Modified Division: Rupert Stanley
    • Open Division: Ed Nicorici

For those eager to get a pulse of the event and to stay updated with match-related information, feel free to visit [].

The UKPSA is immensely proud of each of its squad members and wishes them the very best as they prepare to showcase their skills, dedication, and passion on this global platform. Let’s champion our squad and the spirit of the sport!

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