Date: January 28th (Time To Be Announced)

The United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association is excited to announce that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for January 28th. The specific timings for this significant event will be announced shortly.

Virtual Meeting Platform

In light of ongoing considerations for convenience and accessibility, the AGM this year will be held online. This decision enables wider participation from our members, ensuring everyone has a voice regardless of their location.

Communications and Voting System

Members will receive detailed communications regarding login information and access to our new online voting system. This advanced system will be integral for our elections and other critical matters to be discussed during the AGM. Keep an eye on your inbox for these essential updates!

Post-Council Meeting Updates

These communications, including the specifics of the online platform and voting process, will be circulated after our next council meeting, scheduled for December 13th. In this meeting, we aim to clarify the individual roles within the council in preparation for the AGM.

Call for Expressions of Interest

Following the council meeting and ahead of the AGM, we will be seeking expressions of interest from across the association to undertake various roles within the council. This is an excellent opportunity for members who wish to contribute more actively to the growth and governance of UKPSA.

Open Council Meetings to Members

Did you know that any member of UKPSA can observe a council meeting? It’s a great way to stay informed and involved with the workings of the association. If you wish to observe the upcoming council meeting, please email, and you will be sent all the necessary details.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates

We encourage all members to participate in these upcoming events, as your input and engagement are vital to the success and direction of UKPSA. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach these key dates!

For any queries or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s shape the future of shooting sports together!

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Aryan Alipour

Has the responsibility of generating and managing both internal and external facing media content alongside other external engagements.

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