Following the launch of the HSE’s UK REACH – Public Consultation on Lead in Ammunition on the 10th October 2023. The UKPSA has submitted a formal response highlighting the disproportionate harm that such a prohibition would create.

See the UKPSA’s response here – HSE Lead Consultation Response

In order to add further weight to the UKPSA’s submission, it is important that we ask all our members and the wider dynamic shooting community to respond the the HSE’s consultation, particularly as it is during this phase of the process that the agency is obligated to consider the socioeconomic effects of implementing their proposals.

To aid in this effort, we have released the HSE Lead Consultation UKPSA Guide. The guide will aid you in navigating the HSE form and empower you to have your voice heard.

See the UKPSA’s guide here – HSE Lead Consultation UKPSA Guide

This guide will provide a step by step format to filling in the HSE form. We recommend having the form ready on another web page or device whilst following this guide.

You can find a link to the HSE form here: UK REACH – Public Consultation on Lead in Ammunition

Once again, thank you for supporting our awesome sport and putting in the effort to respond to the HSE Lead Consultation. Your individual response can and will add weight to this consultation to ensure we can fight for the best possible outcome for IPSC in Great Britain.

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