Dear Members,

Further to my initial request for those interested in competing at the Shotgun World Shoot IV in late November (actual date TBC) I am offering another opportunity to register your interest. The final dates will be published once the THPSA have verified with the organisers of the fireworks competition that happens around the same time and actually clashed this year with the handgun pre-match.

As you know, SWS4 is the first shotgun World Shoot outside of Europe and a chance to visit Thailand whilst shooting against the best of the rest of the world, at an amazing venue near Pattaya. The recent Handgun World Shoot has given us some great insights into the match venue, transport links and of course the in-country protocols for carrying firearms between the range and hotel.

We have some really interesting and useful information received from competitors at the Handgun World Shoot, including the climate, range facilities, travel times and match timings, even access to western style food for those interested and of course Thai cuisine!

If you haven’t registered yet but are considering it then don’t delay as the teams will be announced soon.

As before, you can register by simply sending an email to:


Gareth Cooper

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