Happy New Year everyone, we hope 2023 will bring lots more ladies into practical shooting.

Events: We have quite a few days on the calendar already, some events ladies can bring their man along or our male shooters can bring their ladies to try out practical shooting and have a day’s shooting themselves.

18th February: Ladies training day (plus Men’s shoot) @ Worcester Norton

26th February: Ladies Mini Rifle Guest Day hosted by Kentucky Firearms @ Bisley

1st April: NTSA Scottish Champs @ Galloway Small Arms
2nd April: Ladies Shotgun training day @ Carlisle Small Arms Club

15th April: Ladies Shotgun training @ Ham & Petersham RPC

27th May: Ladies Action Air training @High Wycombe DRPC
28th May: Open Action Air L1 Match @ High Wycombe DRPC

Sessions are available to any female, with suitable kit being provided, training will be appropriate to attendee’s level of expertise.  Please let us know if your club would like to host some introductory or training sessions.

As always thank you to the clubs and trainers who generously give their time, and those organisations who support us financially.

The first batch of ladies’ shirts have been delivered, please post your pictures on social media as you get (and wear) yours.

Did you know that ladies shooting UKPSA disciplines can wear their holster belt below their waist? This is a rule relaxation due to the anatomical differences between men and women. The holster belt must still go through a minimum a 3 belt loops to comply with the rules. We have an offer to source some specifically designed and made ladies’ trousers, from a lady shooter in Poland, that have suitable belt loops. Look out for the POLL on the Lady Practical Shooter UK FB Group to order a pair.

Shirts and Trousers displayed in our post banner

The calendar for 2023 Seminars is being finalised and will be issued shortly. Look out for events on the Lady Practical Shooter UK FB Group

Jayne Lawley Morris

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