Dear Association Member,

As you should all be aware, the Association held its’ AGM on Sunday 22 January in person at the Arden Hotel in Birmingham. The AGM elected the following members of the Association to roles on the Executive Council:

Chair – Andy Williams – (58% of votes cast)
Secretary – Graham Mitchell –  (Unanimously elected)
Treasurer – Callum Long-Collins –  (60% of votes cast)
PRO – James Nixon – (Unanimously elected)
RD – Richard Clifton –  (61% of votes cast)

The Executive Council elected yesterday will in the next 14 days form the remainder of Council and Full Council from those of you who have been so kind as to volunteer. For those of you not familiar with the structure we have established within the Association, I would direct you to Sect 1 of our Byelaws which are published on the Association Website.

In the meantime, the day-to-day operation of the Association will continue as the members of Council appointed to roles last year will continue to serve on until 23:59 on Sun 5 Feb. From 00:01 on Mon 6 Feb, the newly appointed members will assume their roles.

Once the Executive Council has confirmed the appointments for this year, I will write out to you all again to let you know who the team is and let you all know what we hope to achieve in the coming year.

Until then, I’d ask for your patience while we get on with the business of forming Full Council.


Andy Williams

Communication Officer

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