The UKPSA would like to congratulate the squad and the team for the 2019 European Handgun Championship, to be held in Belgrade, Serbia.

We have had some great support and would like to thank our sponsors for the Handgun Squad: Shield Sights, who have provided amazing support and equipment.  Eley ammunition, Firing Solutions and 5.11 Tactical who have yet again supported the UKPSA with clothing.

The teams are made up of:

Production Optics Team:

Justin Cooper

Richard Clifton

Peter Bland

David J Ashcroft

Open Team:

Jeremy White

James White

Francis Lovel

Tim Gardener


Mark Derbyshire

Adrian Jones

Alexander Mikhailov

Sasha Mikhailov

Mario Chan

Pre match:

Kevin Strowger

Martyn Spence

Michael Atkinson


Congratulations and best of luck to all those shooting.


Thank you to all those sponsoring the Squad, we will be updating you on the events as they unfold via our Facebook Page and channel on!



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