The Association was recently presented with the opportunity to put 4 members of the Metropolitan Police Firearms Licensing Department through a UKPSA Long Gun Safety Course so that they might better understand the needs of practical shooters in their area.

It was hosted at Ham & Petersham RPC’s excellent facilities and was a resounding success, with all that attending feeling they had gained valuable insight into what we do as IPSC shooters.

The MET’s Firearms Licensing Manager, who attended on the day, made the note to his superiors that:

“….the Supervisory Team and I enjoyed a fascinating day at Ham and Petersham Rifle and Pistol Club yesterday.
We received a comprehensive insight into the regime behind some of the Practical Shooting disciplines and some experience on the range.
Partnership working of this nature keeps the MPS in the best possible position to carry out our duties and these relationships within the community support us to maintain public safety.”

The UKPSA echos his sentiment and the more insight we can give to the FLDs as well as other government organisations the better it will be for all concerned.  If any members know of FEO or Licensing Managers willing to engage as the MET has done please put them in contact with the PRO or Communications Officer!

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