Whilst there have been several announcements over the last few months regarding similar world shoots, the one you have all been waiting for is the 2024 Rifle World Shoot (RWS) in Liminka, Finland!  Some people have enquired about how they can get to compete. The criteria we will set for competing will involve competing in a minimum of two Full bore rifle and three Mini rifle competitions in the eighteen months prior to the Level 5.  (Details below for match support)

Sponsors for the squad:

We are delighted to announce that we have support as a squad from Beechwood Sports who are supporting the team again with optics from Trijicon. Falcon Falcon Design are happy to offer a discount on their forward charging handle to squad members looking to compete in the Manual Action divisions.

How do I get involved?

In the first instance, please register your interest in competing by emailing me via james.nixon@ukpsa.org I will be creating a list of all those who have expressed an interest.  Please use the subject title “RWS 2024”.

Planned activities for interested parties:

Over the coming year, we will be attempting to organise activities and coaching. Some will be UK-based and others will be, potentially, in European locations.  We will also be seeking external coaching from experienced competitors.

How do I take part in competition without access to equipment?

Whilst we cannot guarantee access to equipment at qualifying matches, we do have access to some European partners who may be prepared to assist with equipment.  Alternatively, UK competitors competed effectively with UK equipment in the Manual action open class in 2019.  It should be noted that if you wish to compete in the Level 5, you will need to qualify in the same division as you wish to shoot.

Videos of the 2019 Rifle World Shoot can be seen on Gunroom.tv here.

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Rifle NSD


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